Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 13th Twisted Tale

White men have too many chiefs


I awake from a surprising Asgitisdiganohalidasdi (Dreamquest), It snuck up on me unawares. The Great Spirit is obviously trying to tell me something. I am being adasdvdisdodi (punished) because of my ego. What I can digugododi (decide) is that the Nidodalagvna (irregulars) are being given an agadvdi (test) of the adanvdo (spirit).

After realizing what I’ve just experienced, I tsugasvsdi (smoke) the Nvwatohiyadv Ganvnawa (Peace Pipe) with the irregulars, because I now realize that I am one of them & the Great Spirit wants me to make nvwatohiyadv (peace) with them.

I find myself awakening in the Longbranch saloon, to the ayvdaqualosgv (thunder) of gunfire. I hagata (look) outside my window & agowadvdi (see) the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) trying to stop a crowd of people aisvi (walking) up the main street. They’re being gani (lead) by the Catholic priest Emilio Angelo. The crowd doesn’t seem to be taking the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) seriously. They walk past him, so I disdayosdi (shoot) at Angelo’s feet. He stops & gawonisgo (talks) to his yvwi (people) & convinces them to “kill the witches”, whoever they are & they continue on past the Longbranch. I get dunuwugi (dressed) & follow on my soquili (horse).

I awadvdi (find) them gathered outside the Orient & it looks like they’ve already started atsilv (fire) to the building. Father Emilio is chanting something at both the whore house & the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man). It agatiha (looks) like the agayvli asgaya (old man) is against what the priest wants to do. All I know is that it agatiha (looks) like another case of Unegv Asgaya (white men) drunk on their own ulanigvgv (power) & I won’t stand for it.

At first, I anelvdodi (try) to tohinusdv (calm) the atsilv (fire). That’s when I notice that the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) has thrown two sticks of dynamite into the atsilv (fire). This also causes a lot of the priest’s followers to flee. I’m not able to tohinusdv (calm) the atsilv (fire) much, but I am able to lasso the priest & drag him out of town.

When I finally get Emilio out of town, I untie him & dulinohelv (tell) him that this is his only chance that I’m going to adanedi (give) him. That if he does something like this again, my tomahawk will collect his scalp. I also dulinohelv (tell) him that he won’t be the first unegv (white) holy man that I’ve collected coup on. I don’t go into all of the details of my collecting Preacher Pedersen’s scalp for his crimes against my people.


I like how you rationalized using the peace pipe ritual. I wonder if wang peng knows the signifance of that gesture.

Galihvi Wesa's 13th Twisted Tale
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