Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's Sixteenth Twisted Tale

When we show our respect for other living things, they respond with respect for us.

Scf 3

Me & Pinkerton agilvdi (ride) into Dodge, to ayasdi (search) for Basila Cob (what a strange name, I have to wonder what it means) & his agetadisdi kanesai (control box) for the anagalisgiganiyisgi tsulvwisdanehi (metal workers). It is about 1 or 2 in the morning & we go to the chamber of commerce building. It is a usdi (little) building with a usdi (little) sitting area in back with chairs yvwatuwidv (around) a table. I asqualisdi (break) open the back door, since Pinkerton is not ulanigida (strong) enough to do it. Once we are hawinaditlv (inside), I awadvdi (find) a atsilvtalugisgi kanesai (steel box) hawinaditlv (inside) a wall & a lot of papers about a Hellstrom Industries, along with a list of Chamber of Commerce members.

Pinkerton uninohedi (tells) me he awadvdi (found) Cobs’ wagadidvhnadisdodi (ranch). After kanohesgv (telling) me this, he starts to clean up the office, trying to clear our tracks. I do not onadv (know) why he does not just galeyvsv (burn) it down…

We then agilvdi (ride) out to the isvwanige sdosgiyi (flour mill). Cob is a unaligohi (partner) in the sdosgiyi (mill) & he alenidoa (lives) nearby. We awadvdi (find) his ranch dagatuwistanv (surrounded) by cowboys standing agatiya (guard). They are doing it very uyoi (bad). They have lanterns atsvsdadi (lit), blinding them to the svnoyi (night). Pinkerton then uninohedi (tells) me to “go count coup.” This surprises me, a unegv asgaya (white man) telling me to go count coup… I make sure he agataha (knows) what he is kanohesgv (telling) me to do. He knows, hmmm…

I udadelisdi (sneak) upon the agatiya (guard) out front & ganisodi (bury) my tomahawk in his head & then ganasinvsdi (drag) him off to collect his scalp. Afterwards, I go collect the scalp on the agatiya (guard) in back. Pinkerton & I then udadelisdi (sneak) into the galitsode (house) & ayasdi (search) it. We awadvdi (find) Basila galihvi (sleeping) in his bed. I slip my lasso yvwatuwidv (around) his agilageni (neck) & dadeyodi (teach) him to only kanegv (speak) when I allow it. Pinkerton then didvdvhvsgi (questions) him & does not seem to do well, so I choke him a bit & hinegi (say); “white man lies.” This seems to loosen his ganvgo (tongue). He uninohedi (tells) us that the agetadisdi kanesai (control box) is in his desk drawer. After this he advdvhvsga (asks) us to let him go since he ulisdelvhvgi (helped) us. I promise him, but he turns to Pinkerton to get a pale face’s promise (like that’s any good). Pinkerton makes the promise & we take him down to his office & his desk.

When we get to the office, we awadvdi (find) that there is an anagalisgiganiyisgi tsulvwisdanehi (metal worker) sitting there. As soon as we go in, Cob tries to run for his desk. I take him into the corner to collect his scalp. Pinkerton grabs the agetadisdi kanesai (control box) & we leave the wagadidvhnadisdodi (ranch). I throw the lanterns inside & stoke the flames to galeyvsv (burn) it down.

We get back to Boca’s & agowadvdi (see) that the Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) & his Manitou have been distluyv (split) apart. We get Ezekial to hagata (look) into how the agetadisdi kanesai (control box) works. He also has another agetadisdi kanesai (control box) that Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) had him make. He uninohedi (tells) us that he nelisgvi (thinks) that Cob’s kanesai (box) is “booby trapped.” I say that maybe he should not “tinker” inside it, since it is the nasgiuwasv (only) one we have?

I go into Dodge with Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) so he can get his anagalisgiganiyisgi tsulvwisdanehi (metal worker). At the Longbranch, he stops at the “regulars” table & talks to the Atsilvquodi (reverend) for a short time. We then go back to Boca’s with the anagalisgiganiyisgi tsulvwisdanehi (metal worker).

Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) & Pinkerton gawonisgv (talk) for some time about “demons” & some such. I am unable to follow. Pinkerton seems a usdi (little) confused by the talk too. I golisdi (understand) his feelings.

Me & Pinkerton agilvdi (ride) out to the Fremen’s Combine to agowadvdi (see) if we can awadvdi (find) Clay Benedict there. Pinkerton’s Indian Ashwin is going along with us. When we get to the combine, we awadvdi (find) a equa (big) fire galeyvsgv (burning) & there are other Pinkertons out in the fields galeyvsgv (burning) the crops. As we are agilvvsgv (riding) into the combine, one of the agents waves at Pinkerton & he returns the wave while kanohesgv (telling) me that when I shoot at them, I should alisosdv (aim) for the anagalisgiganiyisgi digalitanvdi (metal cans) on their backs.

When we agilvdi (ride) into the compound, Pinkerton shoots the head agent dead! Then he uninohedi (tells) the other agents that he has been “replaced.” I pull out my two “peacemakers” & hold the peace. All of the agents asdawadvsdi (follow) along with Pinkerton’s taking over.

We ayasdi (search) the compound & find the Utsasquidi Anisgaya (Crooked Man’s) whore. She had been beat up by Hicks, so I do some healing on her (again Pinkerton doesn’t seem to know any… I’m beginning to wonder what he does know). We load her into a wagon that one of the workers drives with us back to Dodge.

When we get back to Dodge, we are passing by the Orient & we agowadvdi (see) a woman get thrown out of the third story window. Pinkerton goes over to her & looks at her ( I do not know why, it is not like he can do anything about her). I go over to help (since he has no medicine). I agowadvdi (see) that she is China Doll & she reaches out & usvnilv (touched) me. The next thing I onadv (know) is that I am collecting her scalp while she still alenidoa (lives), in front of all of Dodge in the light of iga (day). I agowadvdi (see) that there are about a taladu (dozen) people watching me in silence. I fasten her scalp to my belt.

Luke Short walks up with Wang Peng gawonisgv (talking) to him. Apparently China Doll had a bounty out for her from California. She’d atsilvgi (killed) her asgayaaninela (husband) & Wang Peng unadvgi (knew) about it. Luke uninohedi (tells) him that it is okeh (okay), but that it is against the law to scalp people within city limits. I aguyvdi (pay) the $10.00 fine.

Everybody else goes into the Orient, so I agisdi (take) China Doll’s body up to boothill & the undertaker. While I am at the undertaker’s, he points out that China Doll’s body is very “ripe.” I hagata (look) & notice that it looks like it is several iyanvda (months) dead…

I then went back to the Geyatahi soquili (Mustang) & awadvdi (find) it empty & that Ski’rik came by & recruited a warparty. He then headed out to the Galitsode Digasawosdi (House of Tears). I asdawadvsdi (follow). I awadvdi (find) Holliday standing on the porch & all of the tipis gone. Ski’rik was here, recruited the healthier & killed the too utlvgi (sick). I pay Holliday $50.00 for his tsutsoasedi (troubles) & he uninohedi (tells) me that he will be staying around for a while, while coughing.


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