Deadlands: Dodge City

My Inclination

Blood and Roses

I killed Hoover. I killed Hoover. I killed Hoover….no matter how many times I say it or endeavor to re-live that moment in my mind I can’t seem to sate my need. There is no relief in site. I have stepped outside of my code and found no release in the expulsion of Hoovers soul. I have fears and doubts, nothing new just more facts building towards a conclusion I’ve been rounding the corner at for years. "I must kill more frequently and with less restraint or I will burst like a Dam. I have no idea how that will manifest in the real world, but I have assured patch that it will not be easily disguised. I walk by children in the morning on the way to school and think how delightful it would be slay their school marm and show up to teach her class the next morning in her dress and a wig covered from head to toe in her blood like a lotion I can’t get to rub into my skin. Patch thinks I should add an additional kill list for my half brother Nathan. It makes sense that the letters in his name are more common and my kill ratio will go up dramatically. My code once kept me alive, but now I believe it may indeed be killing me from the inside out. Michael shared his burden with me and I didn’t recipricate. Why? He would have understood about the demon, but no common god fearing person can abide by a serial killer. I have patch inside me and the truth is that the man is the monster and the demon keeps him from exploding on the denizens of this sleepy town.


Very cool, made the hair on the back of my neck stand up!

My Inclination
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