Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter hires a bodyguard

Fortunately, only 3 people died from the explosion in the tents. Ghost rock powered devices begin exploding for no reason, but Bradick is able to detect grimlins. Jasper says “praise Jesus” and suddenly we can see thousands crawling all over a little boy and then they scatter. We open fire, killing many of them. I think that’s the first time I used a gun since I came to Dodge city. After helping a little more at the soup kitchen bandaging wounds, I head to the Marshall’s office while Bradick and Jasper head to Doc Holiday. I later discover they encountered a patchwork man, whatever that is.

At the marshall’s office, I see Boca and two of his bandito friends looking through my bounty board, and one of them shows a bounty to Boca, who looks at it carefully before looking at me with the greediest and widest smile I’ve ever seen on his face before. He strikes at me, trying to knock me out, but I easily knock him out as well as the other mexican, while Ghaleevi shows up just in time to detain the other with his lasso. When Boca wakes up, we strike a deal: I pay him $800 and he not only forgets the bounty on me, but will also act as a bodyguard when the hitman comes looking for me. It’s a deal!

After that, we head to Ketchum’s for dinner, and we both eat some very good sweet-ribs before I retire for the evening.


ZombiePlacebo jaminbusack

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