Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter The Cynic

The day starts like many others, except that there are 2 horsemen left… and a Chinese man burning himself in the townsquare. This is bizarre, and a journalist we’ve seen before says the man was burning himself to protest the killing of men at the Opium Den in the teams final assualt on China Doll. Apparently, she created a cult of death, based on the hebrew tattoos on the burned man’s back depicting passages from the Book of Revelations. I don’t really get the allure of that book among Christians. I find it appears more like a bad dream like the author was smoking too much opium. I try to convince the Chinese that this so-called “peaceful protest” will do nothing but kill them: the americans don’t care at all, it’s just a nuisance to them and only bring death. My arguments fall on deaf ears. I wash my hands of their foolishness. I am now an outsider to Chinese and Americans, so I am sad, but we’ve made our choices. I also discover that China Doll summoned bounty hunters from Shan Fan to collect my head. Not something I look forward to, but my team took the news fairly well, probably because I said it would be more of a duel and they would end up more as an audience while I break the would-be kung fu master’s head with my fists. With nothing left to do or say, I go with Jasper to help at the soup kitchen. Maybe helping the poor will keep my mind busy.

Jasper turns the gathering into a fervant sermon, punctuated by timely explosions in the city, which I later find were exploding automatons. Jasper is very inspiring, but I with-hold further judgement until I see where this is going. Boca tries to make me kneel like the other people. Apparently, Jasper is now some kind of prophet. A crazy one, but I guess that happens, if the Book of Revelations is any representation. The town is afraid now, not really inspired, against the evil coming our way. The rest of us will have to run interferance for Jasper if we want to prevent any more riots like we’ve seen before.

This is getting rediculous.


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