Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter, zombie slayer

I trail a group of christians to the crossroads of Dodge City. They wish to burn books, to remove the temptations of evil. But I know better; evil comes from men’s hearts, books have nothing to do with it. I realize the fire they wish to start could burn down Dodge City, but I am able to convince the ‘Padre’ to go somewhere else. Turns out, that somewhere else is the bridge between Lower and Upper Dodge. I tell Luke Short what they’re up to, but he obviously only cares what happens to Upper Dodge. He convinces to them to burn the books somewhere in Lower Dodge. He is a precarious ally, and I now see his true colors. I will need to keep an eye on him, he may not care for the Natives and Chinese. JD lights the fire with a match, but Jasper says “Get behind me, Satan!” and the fire recedes to a slow burn. Lower Dodge will not burn today.

After these events, I relax with Jasper at his “soup kitchen” and tell him of my encounter with China Doll. Jasper figures that she must be “Harrowed” to be dead once before and continue living. It explains the bounty collected once before.

Ghalivi has been doing some tracking by himself, and the party is gathered with a gunshot at Boot Hill. We enter a tunnel dug underneath China Doll’s grave. Obviously, she still lives somewhere. We enter the tunnel, but we are attacked by walking dead, and a man in black. The battle is short, but intense. Jasper nearly dies, but we are able to kill the monsters, and Ghalivi helps mend Jasper’s wounds. I will need to share knowledge with Ghalivi on the matter of healing; I think we can both learn from each other. As we take our breath, we plan to exorcise the man in black, and send his spirit to Hell. It is times like these that I am glad Jack Carter has brought us together. A Werewolf, a Kung Fu Master, a Hunter, a Wizard, a Holy Man, and a Bandit.

There are few things that could stop us, working together. I fear that our trials have just begun. I wonder what will happen next, but I will be ready. My master has trained me well, and I must be ready, and prove worthy of his instruction.


ZombiePlacebo jaminbusack

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