Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter, Zombie Slayer

With the strange things going on, we visit Jack, but find him unconscious, bleeding from ears and nose. We find many papers and graphs and drawings. Jack has been connecting a vast web of conspiracy and an underlying master plan on the part of the Horsemen. The working theory is that the Horsemen are actively attempting to bring the apocolypse by putting plans in action specific to each of them and associated with the Seven Deadly sins. The graph is almost complete, but we have work to do. Even with a Horseman dead (banished?) their plans still act out.

This is where things become a little more disturbing: Ketchum has been serving human meat under the guise of pork. I panic, thinking I will become Wendigo, but we conclude that two servings aren’t enough to curse someone. But the rest of the town isn’t so lucky, and the best course of action is to ween them off of it. There was also the case of possible werewolf attacks, but we aren’t sure what to do with that yet.

Boca and Jasper take Jack to see the doctor, and I go with Bradick and JD to confront Ketchum.
Before we reach Ketchum’s, we are attacked by undead! Zombies! During the conflict, JD discovers Myra is the Horseman of Famine, and he enters a duel. She casts a spell that puts a blanket of darkness around us, but I dispel the effect it has on me, and together JD and I are able to put her down, while a group of familiar werewolf Pinkertons arrive to fight off the zombies. As Myra is defeated, Jasper praises Jesus and all of the zombies drop dead (again). But did they drop because Jasper praised Jesus, or because they required the living presence of Myra? I’m inclined to believe both were required. As we catch our breath, we know there is one left: the Horseman of War, and I’m pretty sure it is Grey Wolf, former member of the poker group, who departed with the Indians.


ZombiePlacebo jaminbusack

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