Deadlands: Dodge City

What Does Walter Dread?

I and many other people are invited to Jack Carter’s home for a masquerade party. I wore my best clothes, and a fox mask. The party was okay, I practiced my english with the other people there, chatted up the girls, and learned how to waltz from Clara. I suggest somewhere more private, and next thing I know, I’m hooked by my wrists in a closet while she skins me alive! I screamed like a little girl. I’m not ashamed, Jasper and JD (naked.why?) showed up to help me out. Clara is exploded into nothingness. As we go through the house, it is obviously not what it appears to be; we leave the kitchen, and end up in a bedroom? then a hallway? and then living room? Very confusing, but I try to keep everyone together best I could. At one point in this dreamscape, Boca, with no mouth, chokes me unconcious. I wake to JD trying to stab me, still wearing nothing but his boots and holding a bottle of wiskey. Are we all gone MAD? I’m able to convince him that I did NOT stab Ghalivi, and we search for the others. We find Michael scratching himself, saying there are bugs. JD offers to help cut them out, but only succeeds in enraging Michael into his animal state. That couldn’t end well, so I pulled JD into the next room, and Ghalivi is able to distract Michael long enough with a well-placed shot for me to blast him into the other room, and escape unharmed. JD seperates to find Myra, and I stick with Ghalivi. I think Ghalivi is taking this madness better than I am. We search for Boca, but find only undead bodies hanging from the ceiling.

………. And then I wake up in the LongBranch. I feel awful. I am unharmed but my skin is tender, and the meer thought of being stabbed fills me with Dread. I discover the whole town was affected, even out to Jack Carter’s ranch. Everyone had dreams, but not all the same. Some people passed out in bad places, drowning in troughs, suffocating on mud, or being trampled by horses in their sleep. JD seems to be the least affected by the madness. Carter has no idea what could cause this, so I return to the barn I purchased, far away from the nightlife to get some rest, and prepare for our battle with the Wendigos at Fort Dodge in the morning.


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