Fat, loud mouth, Stubborn, all ways getting into Trouble and cursed Bandito


Rank: Seasoned. XP 20


Agility: d10
Smarts: d4
Strength: d8
Spirit: d6
Vigor: d12

Pace: 6
Parry: 6
Toughness: 8
Grit: +1
Charisma: 0


Big Mouth
Cursed(Damn Black Joker!)

Trade Mark Weapon:“el solucionador de problemas” (Peace maker)
Veteran of the old west

N:Connections(out Laws)
5:Skill up
10:skill up
15:skill up
S:Dead Shot

Equipment:(sorry didn’t write down my weight:( )
“el solucionador de problemas”Peace maker (trademark weapon):
Quick Draw holsters:
Shot gun thong:
2x Speed loaders(pistol):
cloths,Boots,pants,shirt, Pancho:

Weight limit:40


On his last thousand Pesos and not a lot of friends left in Mexico city he decides to gamble it all on one hand of poker to get out of Mexico to this more appealing place called New Mexico. With a Full house and his lucky Sombrero he was sure to win but he sees “Sparkles” shimmering out of a player’s sleeve Boca Immediately accuses this mysterious person of a “cheating brujo”…Boca lifts his pistol to shoot the cheater in return waves his hand at Boca and fills Boca’s Sleeves and boots with cards. Cards spill out of his Pancho every one thinks different of Boca accusation and is gunned down.

Waking to a taste of dirt in his mouth and chanting (“Loco speaking”) Boca breaths in a full lung of air His vision slowly Returns. Finding himself Half buried in a fresh grave and sees a “El vudĂș negro brujo” (voodoo witch doctor)with white paint all over his body.

Confused and derange but most important alive Boca is told by the voodoo witch doctor that he has brought him back to life because of an common enemy the witch doctor describes him as “The Magic Man”. The last known Location of this “Magic Man” was heading North East, all the witch doctor asked in return of Bocas Resurrection is that Boca Slay This “Magic Man”. Boca doesn’t Question/argue his arrangement with “El vudĂș negro brujo”. Boca grabs his Sombrero off of his make shift tomb stone and heads North East.

Cursed: Not knowing/questioning the side effects of his Resurrection/hex every thing comes with a price. Boca is cursed and always in the “wrong place at the wrong time” he is always stricken with bad luck but some how he seems to skim by with his life Believing that his “Lucky Sombrero” is keeping him alive.


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