Galihvi Wesa

Cherokee Gunslinger

Galihvi Wesa is six feet tall, dark skinned & dark eyed. He keeps his hair cut in a warrior’s top knot. His physique can be most easily described as “lanky.” He doesn’t have any spare weight to him due to growing up in the wild places. His hands are large fingered with thick wrists, often befitting speedy reaction times in gun-fighting. He wears a combination of animal skins & “modern” clothing (quite often customized to his Indian fashion sense). When up close, a person can smell gun oil & tobacco emanating from him.

Ag: 12
Sm: 4
Sp: 10
Str: 8
V: 6

Hindrances: Ferner (Outsider), Wanted (Minor), Hunted
Edges: Veteran O’ the Weird West, Quickdraw, Steady Hands, Shooting, Stealth, Notice, Tracking, Speedload, Hard to Kill, Two Fisted

Equipment: Horse (Appaloosa), Moccasins, Leggings, Loincloth, Paisley Shirt, Jacket (Old Confederate Officers’), Saddle with Rifle Boot, Saddle Bags, Bedroll, Bandana (Red), Gunbelt (2 holsters & 2 speedloaders).

Weapons: 2 Colt Peacemakers (.45) 2d6+1
1 Sharp’s Big (.50) 2d10

Skills: Shooting (12), Stealth (6), Notice (6), Fighting (8), Healing (4), Investigation (4), Riding (4), Tracking (8), Survival (8), Guts (6), Knowledge (6), English (4).

Galihvi Wesa (Sleeping Cat) is a Warrior from the Cherokee Nation looking for the Nunnehi (Travelers) (also spelled Nunne’hi, Nvne’hi, Nvnehi, Nanehi, Nanye-hi or Nanyehi): Another supernatural spirit race which is friendly towards humans, particularly towards the Cherokee tribe. Nunnehi are very strong and sometimes intercede in battle on the Cherokees’ behalf. Like Little People, Nunnehi are usually invisible but sometimes show themselves to humans they like (appearing as regal looking human warriors.) Their name is pronounced similar to nun-nay-hee. He is looking for these allies of his people, in order to get their help with dealing with the invading White Man (Unegv Gayegogi) and his deceitful ways. He fears also that the reason the invaders have been so successful against his people is that they are in league with an Uktena (also spelled Uk’tena, Unktena, Ukatena, Uktin, Uhktena, and other ways): A dragon-like horned serpent of Cherokee legend. The first Uktena was said to be transformed from a human man in a failed assassination attempt on the sun. Most other Uktena tales have to do with Cherokee heroes slaying one. They are malevolent and deadly monsters. Their name is pronounced ook-tay-nah. His tribal leaders sent him out to find these allies and to try and recruit their aid against their enemies.

Galihvi Wesa

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