J.D. Salinger

The King of Cards and the cutter of hearts!!


Handsome roguish gentleman in a taylor grey suit with a black bow tie. His nails and hair are meticulously maintained and his shoes are expensive and well polished.


The self professed king of cards is an ex captain in the Confederate Army and a front line survivor of the battle of Gettysburg. While not overly fond of northerners J.D. has a strange affinity for Jack Carter and would do almost anything to even the blood debt he owes to the ex Union officer.

After the war J.D. found his families plantation in Virginia had been taken by a local Robber Baron name Varris Hopshaw and his father strung up in the same tree he climbed almost everyday during his childhood. His father was hung, because there was no such thing as debtors prison and the elder Salinger had taken out war friendly loans from Varris and his business associates Ira Castle, Roy Whittacker, George Bagh, Nevel White, Irving Fisher, and Anais Whent.

After the war J.D. returned to Virginia, but was ran out of the state by Varris’ henchmen. It is around this time that J.D.s dark passenger fully developed and he began travelling the country playing cards and breaking hearts…..

J.D. Salinger

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