Wang Peng (王朋) aka Walter King

A China Man, recently from Shan Fran City. His Kung-Fu is strong.


Rank: Legendary. XP 100

Agility: d12
Smarts: d8
Spirit: d10
Strength: d8
Vigor: d8

Pace: 6
Parry: 8
Toughness: 6
Grit: 4
Charisma: 0

Guts: d8
Knowledge: d6
Riding: d4
Healing: d6
Fighting: d12
Throwing: d4
Climbing: d4
Fluent Chinese
English: d8

Armor: d10
Bolt: d10
Dispel(self): d4
Outsider(minor): He’s Chinese.
Wanted(minor): He resisted the injustices committed by the Chinese cartels in Shan Fran.
Jinxed (Major): Bad Luck. Draw one less fate chip than everyone else at table.
Thin-Skinned: wound penalties are treated as one higher.
Code of Honor : he’s deputized.

Veteran of Old West
Kung Fu
Martial Arts
Superior Kung Fu (Wing Chun): When fighting unarmed, one extra attack without penalty.
Reputation: CHA mod can be used when intimidating.
Improved Martial Arts: unarmed attacks are STR + d6
Nerves of Steel: wound penalties are treated as one less. Cancels Thinskinned.
Martial Arts Master x2: unarmed attacks do +4 damage.
Combat Reflexes: +2 spirit when recovering from shaken.
Connections (lawman): he’s deputized.
Attractive: +2 CHA

PP per day: 20
Armor—- 2 PP; range-touch; effect-2 pts armor. raise grants 2 more pts; Duration-3 (1/round)
Bolt—- range 12/24/48; instant
1 PP; one bolt 2d6
2 PP; one bolt 3d6
1-3 PP; multiple bolts
note: multiple bolts or a 3d6 bolt are mutually exclusive.
Dispel(self only) - 3 PP; dispel one effect

Body: total weight carried— 16 lb
-Stetson 0 lb
-Duster 4 lb
-Boots 4 lb
-Shirt &
Trousers 3 lb
-Knife x1 1 lb
-scattergun 4 lb

Horse: total equipment carried— 68 lb
-Saddle + Saddlebags 35 lb
-Messkit 3 lb
-Rope (50 ft) 5 lb
-Trail Rations x10 5 lb
-Bedroll 10 lb
-knife x4 4 lb
-two sets of clothes 6 lb
Money::: $2,562.80

Knife— STR + d4
Scattergun — range 6/12/24; damage 1-3 d6; +2 to hit; RoF 1-2
2 attacks (Wing Chun style): damage STR + d6 + 4 each.


Height: 5ft. Weight: 130 lb. Age: 30 yrs.

Background: Ghost-buster and part-time healer. He trained in Wing-Chun Kung-Fu since he was 10, after being Jinxed. Through his misfortune, he stole from the wrong man, who caught him and decided to teach him the mystical arts of Kung-Fu, in a Buddhist monastery near Shang-Hai. His Kung-Fu is strong. He is Buddhist, and also values Confucian wisdom like all good Chinese do. Perhaps his Confucianism is paradoxical, when his life is reviewed: he frequently aids the defenseless and oppressed, even if it means upsetting whatever political or religious interests are in the area.

Outsider: He’s Chinese, so he’s an outsider to the West. He tries to fit in by cutting off that ridiculous ponytail-braid (queue) and wearing western clothing. He is also an outsider to some
Chinese from Shan Fran.

Wanted(minor): Wanted for resisting the injustices committed by the Chinese Cartels in Shan Fran, and fighting for the people against Gang Wars and Oppression. Generally wanted for upsetting the peace during his Ghost-busting and healing efforts.

Jinxed(major): Bad Luck. Pissed off an old Chinese medicine woman (at least, he thinks she was a mortal) when he was ten, by stealing her dentures as a practical joke. She sure showed him! He has to try 33% harder now.

Goals: Someday he hopes to carry on the Kung-Fu tradition and teach students in the States what he has learned from his teacher, Master Lian Sheng. His master is dead, killed in a raid by radical dissidents. He escaped, but is unwelcome in Shang-Hai: the citizens view him with suspicion and mistrust, believing he was somehow the cause of strife in the area. In the mean-time, he continues his ghost-busting and healing efforts, to protect the people.

long-term motivation: justice, and sticking up for the little guy.

Wang Peng (王朋) aka Walter King

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