Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter is humbled

Our mission to Fort Dodge did not go as expected. For one, a woman came along, a reporter. Another, JD tells me secretly that he has made a deal with the possessing spirit in Luke Short, where it will allow Boca to kill it, but not in Luke Short’s body, so both survive and Boca feels better. An unusual deal, but it makes sense for now, so I will hold my promise not to speak of it. JD seems to make planning secret deals a hobby. When we arrive at the fort, the Wendigos are already dead, slain by Coyote people. There were no survivors, and we left quickly because the whitemen that came with us thought Ghalivi set them up for an ambush. We head to the Coyote people’s borders to get the survivors, but we are challenged. Bradick duels with one of their braves to secure safe passage out of the territory. We will leave the children rescued with the Coyote people. Better that than to be orphans on the streets. I remember that life, and it was mostly full of bad memories.

When we return to town, I offer Jasper the oppurtunity to view my kungfu training in action, and offer to spar. He was much better at fighting than I thought, and I was soundly defeated. I am ashamed that I was beaten by another in front of my students, but with age comes wisdom, and I stated so to my students. Sometimes only failures can teach us how to improve, and I will double my efforts to master my KungFu.

Braddick Mission File #51


Michael Braddick

Dodge City/Fort Dodge

Clear Wendigo’s from Fort Dodge


Wendigo in Fort Dodge at least that is what our Indian friend is saying. Sound like other rumors of happenings there are spreading as well as a posse is forming to go out there and clean things up. They even have a reporter of some sort wanting to tag along. She seems some what familiar to me, but I can’t quite place it yet. This is going to be interesting on how I’m going to keep a lid on this one. So many witnesses. Things could get ugly.

The posse gathers up and heads out to Fort Dodge. We decide to have Jasper setup some explosives around the entrance and we’ll lure them into and ambush. However after we get inside we notice things are not as they seem. We see all the Wendigo have been hung up and crucified. It looks that they were properly disposed of as they have scorch marks down their throats.

Ghalivi discovers tracks that head out of the fort and it appears in the direction of Coyote territory. We convince Luke Short and the rest of the posse to return to Dodge City and that we’ll pursue the survivors (if any) and people responsible.

We follow the tracks to the edge of Coyote territory where we see some of the survivors were strung up and crucified as a warning to trespassers. This of course doesn’t detour us and we continue in and before long run into a ‘greeting’ party. Ghalivi goes to talk to them and after a moment returns and says that we must fight their champion in some sort of knife duel in order to be allowed to leave.

I figure what the hell and volunteer for the task. Worse comes to worse I can always resort to more animalistic forms of combat. The knife fight goes poorly at first and I’m constantly on my heels, but after a while I’m able to gain the upper hand and put the young brave down without killing him. They tell me he is mine to kill, but I refuse to kill a defenseless man.

Ghalivi informs us that they have taken the children to be raised as their own and killed their parents and they were the ones we saw on the border. We decide to leave things as they are for now as there isn’t a lot we could do about it. They escort us back to the border and dump of the Brave with us. They say he is mine until he pays off his debt. Great, just what I need.

On returning back to town we talk to Luke Short and try to explain what happened without going into too much detail on what exactly happened. Unfortunately he pulls out a paper with pictures of the border crossing and the crucified people. Looks like things are going form bad to worse.
The next excitement came in duel that Ghalivi talked his way into some how. I just went to watch and stepped inside when the shooting began (wild shots and all that). In the end some how a nun was shot as well as the other duelist. Not sure what was going on there, but it appears Ghalivi saw the best of it.

Galihvi Wesa's 14th Twisted Tale
Day & night cannot dwell together.


After I left Emilio outside of Dodge, I didadolatsedi (settled) into a campsite & put on my danuwa galonedi (war paint) for the coming battle at Fort Dodge. Then I agilvdi (ride) back to Dodge & the Longbranch to meet with the irregulars.

While I’m aninvi (sitting) at the bar, a short pale face tries to asgasdi (scare) me off. He adiha (says) he will not gadogv (stand) for red skin treating a holy man the way I did & he challenges me to a ahnatlihvanigatahv (duel) the next iga (day) at noon. He tells me his name is Unser Bellik & I look forward to collecting his atsisdanegalvda (scalp). During this, Boca also wadinvdi (throw) me his danuwa (war) dress. I adanvtesgv (think) it is his nusdviyadvnedi (custom) to wear it into danatlihv (battle). I tell him I will wear it in celebration. I do not adanvtesgv (think) he understands me.

Boca tells us about his being offered money to disdayosdi (shoot) Freemen to end their gvnasdi (strike). He is also awidisgv (carrying) a large strange looking shotgun. The Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) also seems to be tsuluquadinvdi (upset) about the “automatons.” He adiha (says) that these are like the one we ayostanv (destroyed) on the digatsanula (train) agilvdi (ride) into Dodge, that unelisvhi (seems) like so long ago.

As we are leaving Dodge, Luke Short adeladisdi (join) us with his own posse. Among this posse is a ageyv (woman). He tells me she is named Mary Carson & she is a gowelisgi (writer) of words & such. She works for the Wichita Eagle.

It takes us 1 ½ hours to get to Fort Dodge. We smell it before we see it. It smells like a barbeque from the plae faces hell. We udadelisdi (sneak) up as close we are able. I take Boca & the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) up to the gates. The Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) places his dynamite there & then he & Boca pull back to the rest of our group. I then agilvdi (ride) through the asduidv (open) gate to draw out the Wendigo, what I agowadvdi (see) is not what I expected.

I ugohvgi (saw) twelve confederate aniyawisgi (soldiers) crucified all around the inside court yard of the fort. All of them with melted dunakadv (faces), marking them as Wendigo. In the ayeli (center) of the fort’s court yard was a gasvdv (pile) of burning bodies. I agatahvsdi (turn) back & let everyone else know that there are no dinidanuwi (enemies) left here. They asdawadvsdi (follow) me back into the fort.

As soon as I get back into the fort, I start to ayasdi (search) at the tracks to see what happened here. I awadvdi (find) that the “victors” were agilvvsgv (riding) shoeless anisoquili (horses) & probably “Injuns”, I also awadvdi (found) that they ugisvgi (took) survivors with them in a wagon towards the Coyote Confederation.

This is when I notice that Luke Short’s group is looking at me with atsilv (fire) in their eyes. They think that I am somehow unadudalv (responsible) for this slaughter. The irregulars & luke decide that this would be a good time for us to part ways, so we do & we head off asdawadisv (following) the tracks towards the Coyote lands.

Two days later we come into the territories of my people. All along the atlilodvgvgodv (border) we see poles standing guard. Strung up from each of these poles is a pale face. They are of all types; men, women, soldiers, prospectors, thieves, etc… Just after crossing the border, we get approached by a war party. I head out to them to parley.

I explain to them that we are searching for the survivors of Fort Dodge. I also explain that the irregulars are under my protection & that they & I have smoked the peace pipe. The medicine man with the party explains that the survivors have moved on & that they were “culled” for those willing to join the tribes & those not. We’ve already seen those that would not join…

Now to the really tricky part, because the irregulars are pale faces & are on Coyote land, they are trespassing. But because I have vouched for them, they will be allowed to fight an “honor” duel to win their release, champion vs. champion. I tell the medicine man that we’ll be picking our champion & go back to explain to the irregulars.

When I get back to the irregulars, I have to do some ulisda (quick) talking. I ganagvi (lie) to them & tell them that there were only women & children that survived Fort Dodge & that the few men who came with died along the trail. Now I ulisda (hurry) on & explain about the “honor duel” & they decide on Pinkerton to do the ahnatlihvanigatahv (duel). This is a asegi (strange) choice, because this is going to be a knife fight & he does not even carry one. He actually had to atolisdi (borrow) the Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) well worn knife!

Pinkerton struggles through the ahnatlihvanigatahv (duel), but he manages to adatlohisdi (beat) the other champion without killing him. I digosisodi (explain) to him that he is allowed to collect the scalp still. He does not have to kill him to do it & that it is considered a huge shame to survive a scalping. This practice is usually held for enemies who act cowardly. He still refuses.

After the ahnatlihvanigatahv (duel), the war party guides us back to the border where we part ways & Pinkerton gets a surprise. The champion he defeated is now honor bound to serve Pinkerton until he releases his debt. He does not look too happy about this.

When we get back to Dodge, I go with Pinkerton to the Marshal’s office to explain about what happened to the survivors. We goluwadvdi (discover) from Luke that the Wichita Eagle has been publishing stories about the pale face deaths along the Coyote borders. They are making the claim that my people have declared war on the white man’s nations. The governor of Kansas has even raised the bounty on “red scalps” to $20.

After this, we head over to the Longbranch, where the Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked man) tells me that I still have that ahnatlihvanigatahv (duel) to fight in two hours. I head down to the Mustang to check on things there. I adeloquasdi (learn) that my people living here are now in the practice of only going out in groups to avoid attacks. While I am there, I offer the employees a share of the profits, as long as they are honest & stop watering down the drinks.

Five o’clock comes & I find myself in front of the Longbranch ready to fight. The streets are lined with pale faces eager to see me bleed. Luke Short explains to us that the first one of us to draw will be guilty of attempted murder. He then smiles & says “good luck.”

Unser Bellick then goes on screaming about something concerning me. It is difficult to follow his words because he is so worked up. So I just stand there staring him down. Suddenly something snaps inside him & he goes to draw. Just as we skin leather, some crazy nun comes running out between us & yells “Stop!” We do not.

Unser’s shot goes into the nun’s back, mine hits true & knocks Unser into the dirt, where Luke arrests him. I go back into the Longbranch to eat dinner & find Coyote waiting at the bar for me…

Galihvi Wesa's 13th Twisted Tale
White men have too many chiefs


I awake from a surprising Asgitisdiganohalidasdi (Dreamquest), It snuck up on me unawares. The Great Spirit is obviously trying to tell me something. I am being adasdvdisdodi (punished) because of my ego. What I can digugododi (decide) is that the Nidodalagvna (irregulars) are being given an agadvdi (test) of the adanvdo (spirit).

After realizing what I’ve just experienced, I tsugasvsdi (smoke) the Nvwatohiyadv Ganvnawa (Peace Pipe) with the irregulars, because I now realize that I am one of them & the Great Spirit wants me to make nvwatohiyadv (peace) with them.

I find myself awakening in the Longbranch saloon, to the ayvdaqualosgv (thunder) of gunfire. I hagata (look) outside my window & agowadvdi (see) the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) trying to stop a crowd of people aisvi (walking) up the main street. They’re being gani (lead) by the Catholic priest Emilio Angelo. The crowd doesn’t seem to be taking the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) seriously. They walk past him, so I disdayosdi (shoot) at Angelo’s feet. He stops & gawonisgo (talks) to his yvwi (people) & convinces them to “kill the witches”, whoever they are & they continue on past the Longbranch. I get dunuwugi (dressed) & follow on my soquili (horse).

I awadvdi (find) them gathered outside the Orient & it looks like they’ve already started atsilv (fire) to the building. Father Emilio is chanting something at both the whore house & the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man). It agatiha (looks) like the agayvli asgaya (old man) is against what the priest wants to do. All I know is that it agatiha (looks) like another case of Unegv Asgaya (white men) drunk on their own ulanigvgv (power) & I won’t stand for it.

At first, I anelvdodi (try) to tohinusdv (calm) the atsilv (fire). That’s when I notice that the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) has thrown two sticks of dynamite into the atsilv (fire). This also causes a lot of the priest’s followers to flee. I’m not able to tohinusdv (calm) the atsilv (fire) much, but I am able to lasso the priest & drag him out of town.

When I finally get Emilio out of town, I untie him & dulinohelv (tell) him that this is his only chance that I’m going to adanedi (give) him. That if he does something like this again, my tomahawk will collect his scalp. I also dulinohelv (tell) him that he won’t be the first unegv (white) holy man that I’ve collected coup on. I don’t go into all of the details of my collecting Preacher Pedersen’s scalp for his crimes against my people.

What Does Walter Dread?

I and many other people are invited to Jack Carter’s home for a masquerade party. I wore my best clothes, and a fox mask. The party was okay, I practiced my english with the other people there, chatted up the girls, and learned how to waltz from Clara. I suggest somewhere more private, and next thing I know, I’m hooked by my wrists in a closet while she skins me alive! I screamed like a little girl. I’m not ashamed, Jasper and JD (naked.why?) showed up to help me out. Clara is exploded into nothingness. As we go through the house, it is obviously not what it appears to be; we leave the kitchen, and end up in a bedroom? then a hallway? and then living room? Very confusing, but I try to keep everyone together best I could. At one point in this dreamscape, Boca, with no mouth, chokes me unconcious. I wake to JD trying to stab me, still wearing nothing but his boots and holding a bottle of wiskey. Are we all gone MAD? I’m able to convince him that I did NOT stab Ghalivi, and we search for the others. We find Michael scratching himself, saying there are bugs. JD offers to help cut them out, but only succeeds in enraging Michael into his animal state. That couldn’t end well, so I pulled JD into the next room, and Ghalivi is able to distract Michael long enough with a well-placed shot for me to blast him into the other room, and escape unharmed. JD seperates to find Myra, and I stick with Ghalivi. I think Ghalivi is taking this madness better than I am. We search for Boca, but find only undead bodies hanging from the ceiling.

………. And then I wake up in the LongBranch. I feel awful. I am unharmed but my skin is tender, and the meer thought of being stabbed fills me with Dread. I discover the whole town was affected, even out to Jack Carter’s ranch. Everyone had dreams, but not all the same. Some people passed out in bad places, drowning in troughs, suffocating on mud, or being trampled by horses in their sleep. JD seems to be the least affected by the madness. Carter has no idea what could cause this, so I return to the barn I purchased, far away from the nightlife to get some rest, and prepare for our battle with the Wendigos at Fort Dodge in the morning.

My Inclination
Blood and Roses
I killed Hoover. I killed Hoover. I killed Hoover….no matter how many times I say it or endeavor to re-live that moment in my mind I can’t seem to sate my need. There is no relief in site. I have stepped outside of my code and found no release in the expulsion of Hoovers soul. I have fears and doubts, nothing new just more facts building towards a conclusion I’ve been rounding the corner at for years. "I must kill more frequently and with less restraint or I will burst like a Dam. I have no idea how that will manifest in the real world, but I have assured patch that it will not be easily disguised. I walk by children in the morning on the way to school and think how delightful it would be slay their school marm and show up to teach her class the next morning in her dress and a wig covered from head to toe in her blood like a lotion I can’t get to rub into my skin. Patch thinks I should add an additional kill list for my half brother Nathan. It makes sense that the letters in his name are more common and my kill ratio will go up dramatically. My code once kept me alive, but now I believe it may indeed be killing me from the inside out. Michael shared his burden with me and I didn’t recipricate. Why? He would have understood about the demon, but no common god fearing person can abide by a serial killer. I have patch inside me and the truth is that the man is the monster and the demon keeps him from exploding on the denizens of this sleepy town.
Galihvi Wesa's Twelfth Twisted Tale
All Who've Died Are Equal

Gahlivi Wesa’s Twelfth Twisted Tale

I gani (lead) the unegv awiunodena (white sheep) to the “hangman’s tree.” This is an old territory marker amongst the local tribes, for displaying their dead. Earlier, when I sent word ahead, I told them I’d be gani (leading) the awiunodena (sheep) there for slaughter. I explain to the awiunidena (sheep) that this is a galvquodi (sacred) place & since “Injuns” consider burial grounds “holy”, the “prospectors” will be safe for the night. Just before dusk, I go out hunting & find the local braves. We make plans for the slaughtering; I’ll stay in camp & cause a distraction just after they’re in position.

For the past several days, I’ve noticed that I have a strange “draw” to flames. I can feel their strength & power, before I can even feel their heat. I believe that I can call them to grow or shrink in size (maybe even more). We’ll see…

When the time comes, I spot the braves creeping through the tall grass. The white sheep named William & I are the only ones awake. So I call out to the fire to grow & I think I might’ve over done my call, because the flames explode! While William is standing there staring at the fire, I bury my tomahawk in his head. As I do that, the strange quiet white sheep named Andrew stands up fully dressed, wielding two very nice looking peacemakers & opens fire on the braves, as they’re slaughtering the other sheep.

I draw Anagalisgv (Lightning) & draw a bead on his head. I fire two shots, tearing away most of his face! He surprisingly turns & opens fire on me! After a few rounds of this, I’m finally able to put him down. The other braves make quick work of the remaining “prospectors” while I search Andrews’ carcass. I take his colts, a badge showing that he’s a Texas Ranger, a little black book & his scalp.

I’ve heard of the “Texas Rangers”; they’re supposed to be a ruthless kind of police force, that goes around the southern confederacy, eliminating all traces of the supernatural happenings. It is said that they even kill other white story tellers, to keep them quiet. I’ll tell you this, I can’t believe how crazy these white people are. That they’re policed by a band of murderous men.

It also makes me wonder what he was doing in the Kansas Territories, sneaking into the Coyote Confederation. He couldn’t have been here for good reasons. Are the Rangers trying to do something to the Coyotes? A reason why? Is there something supernatural happening within the Indian Territories? Or are they looking for the ghost rock too? So I have a Texas Ranger badge, a little black book, two very nice colt peacemakers (loaded with armor piercing ammo) & five sticks of dynamite.

After I get back to Dodge, I discover that Hoover has left town for some kind of business emergency that he had in some other town across Kansas. I do not know how the Crooked Man will feel about this. Considering how close the two of them have grown through their different business partnerships.

The first stop I make is actually at Jack Carter’s ranch. I haven’t seen him in a couple of weeks & I’m wondering how he’s doing since his fiancé has stopped feeding on him. I find him heart broken & drunk. His fiancé has left him since she isn’t feeding on him. She apparently has no other interest in him…

I next go to the House of Tears & give Dancing Bear the deed to the land. I discover that my ad in Atlanta has been answered, a doctor named John Holliday has answered the ad & is working there. He’s willing to work for room, board & $10 a week.

My next stop was the Warhorse. I go in & confront Dill & offer him $500 & his life (though I do tell him I’m willing to shoot him for all of the wrongs he’s done to my people. He tries to counter my offer, but I point out that I’m not big on talking & he’s used it up. It also helps that all of my people stand up to support me. He leaves pretty quickly. I rename the Warhorse, “The Mustang” & reward everyone for their help by buying them a round. Now I just need to find someone to run it that isn’t a drunk or thief.

I then head over to the Longbranch to recruit the irregulars to help me with destroying Fort Dodge. They prove very willing. Next I go to the local tanners to buy a large quantity of animal tallow. The Crazy Old Man comes with me to help carry the tallow (mainly his wagon). He asks me about negotiating a parley with the Coyote Confederation’s council of chiefs. He wants to gain access to the ghost rock sites, with their permission. He’s offering a gift of the rifles as introduction.

I tell him that I’ll try to help. We end up buying 40 lbs of tallow & a large cauldron to carry it in.

wiki texas rangers

there’s bat masterson!

Walter the KungFu Master

I am teaching KungFu. I am surprised, really. I didn’t expect people to come to me, I though I had to come to them. My first students are fellow chinese, and training is going well. We each get our bumps and bruises, but pain is a powerful teacher. During training today, a man I only know as Kim challenges me, and starts the battle with a technique I never taught anyone, leveling the students around me, and I found myself in a deadly encounter. I defeat him easily, just how my master taught me, but before I could question him, or apprehend him for the authorites, he says “They already know where you are!” And then he breaks his own neck. When I search him, I find that he is covered in tattoos distinctive to the Triad, one of the most powerful gangs in Shan Fan. The only conclusion that can be made is that my past has caught up with me. Sometimes I regret not doing the easy thing and simply ignoring the bullies and thugs of Shan Fan, but I couldn’t stand by and allow friends of mine to be threatened. I remember the night I finally struck back. I had been defending friends and local businessmen, people who only wanted to live their lives under the gangs’ “protection,” but I decided it was time to hit them hard. The final straw was when they killed a woman I was courting. I entered their largest warehouse, fought every single one of them, and set the ghostrock stored there to explode. I left only one gangmember alive, a child, to let them know who it was who did this. Maybe I shouldn’t have done it, but it felt good, and I was angry. I left town that night, remembering the words of Jack Carter, who said if I ever wanted work, I should come to Dodge City. So I left, never looking back. I will have to handle this, but I don’t think I can take them all on my own. I’m not sure how to approach my teammates about this, but I’m thinking it over.

Hoover has mysteriously left town. I’m not sure what happened, but people are saying he left to manage a critical business interest. I don’t think so, he upset a lot of people, and made many enemies. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was murdered.

Meanwhile, the Freedman strike continues, the automotons continue their silent labor, and Jack Carter is drinking his sorrows away from his recent break-up with his special lady. Luke Short (the current host of the ShadowMan) is promoted to Marshal. Boca had an unpleasant encounter with diseased Indians, but I’m not sure why that happened, or if it’s related to the Consumption in town. Bradick, alongside Jasper and Luke Short, are able to capture the two murderers of Batt Masterson and bring them in. Prospectors have been attacked as they enter Coyote territory, something I was sure would happen, but they keep going for ghostrock.

Considering that my students and I have been training at the opium den, I decide a larger building is necessary, so I buy a barn with a stable. It should be large enough for some of the training I have in mind. I have tasked my students to clean it up a bit, so we can practice without pitchforks and horse pucky in our way, and give us more room.

Toward the end of the day, Ghalivi recruits the team to kill 20 wendigos at Fort Dodge, and we prepare by bringing tallow with us. To kill a wendigo they must swallow the melted fat of animals. It will be a difficult battle, but it will be an important service to my new home, Dodge City.

Braddick Mission File #50


Michael Braddick

Dodge City

Zimmerman’s Security
Questionable Product

It appears the word of Ghost Rock in the Coyote Territory has reached the masses. A train load of prospectors arrived this morning. I’m sure that is going to cause me much more strife than one could imagine.

I received the orders to assist Zimmerman’s General Store with security today as well. It appears he is in high gear to help resolve this strike issue. He bought a trainload of automatons from Deseret to replace the striking workers. The security job went pretty much without issue. I sub-contracted part of the security out to Walter to help cover the spread. He ran into some issues with some miners trying to break into the storage unit where the product was stored, but they appeared to be after something else so it was just a coincidence.

Marshal Masterson was also murdered this morning as well. I discovered this when I went to report the robbery on Zimmerman’s. He was dead when I arrived at the Marshal’s office and the jail cell was wide open. It appears this may have something to do with Black Dick and his brother. I reported it to Luke and told him I would start rounding up a posse to deal with the issue…which is when the show started…

Zimmerman rolled out the automatons down the middle of town and announced that anyone effected by the strike could purchase the use of an automaton for the same wage they were using to pay the striking workers. As you can imagine this didn’t go over well with the strikers and I imagine there will be trouble soon.

I also question how these automatons actually work. They appear to be completely self controlled. How does a robot work on its own without some sort of input from a user? These things were made by the same person that made the machine that attacked us on the train on our original trip out to Dodge City. The one that seemed to have the corpse inside of it. These things appear to be large enough to harbor some sort of human body inside if need be. I suspect this automaton manufacturer is up to something and will continue to investigate.


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