Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 21st Twisted Tale
When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.

Sopers mill baptism meads

I took Dancing Bear to the Mustang & did some healing on him. Afterwards I called for Dr. Arness to look into helping him. He came down & tells me that he won’t be helping ever with any Indians again, since all of the sick were Indians.

Crooked Man comes in & invites me to a chamber of commerce meeting tonight. He tells me that they’re going to offer me a seat in the group. So I go up there at 7:30 & I spot the Atkinses (Friends Marcus & Meredith). They’re sitting with the Lafayette family. Dr. Arness is there too (pointedly avoiding me). So I light a cigar while looking around the place. I notice that all of the palefaces are whispering about me being there & not in shackles. After a while, the meeting starts & the owners of the Dodge House ask why I’m there? Since a good portion of the town witnessed me killing the judge.

Crooked Man supports me after Pinkerton presents the forged warrants he made. Then John Fisher steps forward to ask about when his people will be allowed to work again. After this, the meeting gets confusing… Pinkerton presents Crooked Man to be the new head of the Chamber of Commerce. I understand this, so I say I “second it” (like they told me to do). John Muller presents Ketchum for the same seat, so I “second” that too. The next thing I understand is that Pinkerton is being presented too, so I “second” him too. Ketchum wins the vote (I think).

Next they vote to include Lower Dodge businesses into the chamber. This allows me to be a member of the white man’s government. I loan a couple of Mexicans (that own a local corral) $50. Then the palefaces start talking about making Pinkerton or Walter the town Marshal. So I “second” both of their presentations (since that’s something I understand about their government). They elect Pinkerton as the new Marshal.

After this is done, a man steps forward & says something about Walter being a witch because people saw him cast hellfire at Dill Blake. Then he asks for anyone who witnessed this. I tell them that I “witnessed” what Walter did & it wasn’t hellfire. So Pinkerton arrests Walter for his crime.

The next morning I move Dancing Bear & myself back to my farm to heal up with Holliday’s help. John is spending his nights out doing something & sleeping during the days. During this time Friend Meredith stops by to visit with Holliday & me. She tells me that the Circle A Ranch hasn’t been the same since the daughter eloped with some northern man. I also get to talking to Dancing Bear & find out that he’d followed Ski’-rik to see what he was doing.

Ski’-rik took all of the Indians (sick & healthy) into the Coyote Confederation lands. On the way, he met up with a yellow woman who took all of the sick people from him. After she left, he went on into the confederation territories. Dancing Bear tried to follow the woman, but lost her trail.

As soon as I hear this, I ride into town to tell Pinkerton. He sends a call out to get the other irregulars. I send Coyote to get Crooked Man. As I’m opening the front door to let him out, I hear some kind of noise coming from the river. We head over there to see what is making the noise.

We discover the Crazy Old Man & Walter are chasing the Baptists from the river. I also see the Baptist preacher clinging to a rock, so I go out & save him. While I’m saving him, I see the Catholic Priest standing on the other shore watching from cover. I point him out to Pinkerton & the Crazy Old Man accuses him of “withcraft!” Now Pinkerton has to test him for “witchery.”

Wang Peng praises Jesus

After the brief and strange battle, I investigate the Marshall’s office, looking for records, law, anything that could tell me things that should be known. I find several letters addressed between Luke Short and a Confederate; the subject discussed is the upcoming election to remain independent or join either the Confederacy or the Union. Both favored the Confederacy, and state that the Union has been making efforts to hold the election earlier, to avoid the unregulated voting of the ranchers and cowboys during the cattle-drives that are mostly southerners. As I step outside, I see JD, and I inform him, as I intend to inform the whole team. I’m not sure where I stand on the issue. Independence will require the formation of an army. If that happens, I will offer my training and experience to train young men in self-defense and several hand-to-hand weapon skills. JD invites me to a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce as security, and I accept. I show up a half an hour early, to see all the visitors as they come in, and to become familiar with the premises.

The meeting of the Chamber of Commerce goes as expected. The bounties on Luke Short and the Hanging Judge were resolved without much of a fuss, even if the man presenting it was a Yankee Pinkerton. Three members were nomitated to President of the Chamber of Commerce: JD, Bradick, and Ketchum. The Chamber has an unusual system: there is a democratic vote, but the vote is cast with hundred dollar bills. Very unusual. Ketchum won the votes. The next item was the addition of Lower Dodge to the Chamber of Commerce, which passed successfully, mostly because we had money. Ghalivi and I are probably the richest people in the minority population.

What didn’t go as expected was a man accusing me of witchcraft. I was promptly arrested, and for two weeks I sat and pondered my predicament. I took the time to learn from Jasper what this meant, and in the process I learned much about Christianity. Some of the concepts are very familiar. Bradick releases me, on account of Ghalivi being an invalid witness to my supposed witchcraft, and that the accuser can’t be found, and none of us remember his face.

I ask Jasper to Baptise me, upon my release, and he accepts. I read the teachings of Jesus, and he seems to preach peace, but then he says he brings the sword? What does he mean? So much to learn.

As Jasper pushes me into the river, I feel warmth and a peace of spirit I have never felt before; I truly believe now. But will I simply react out of fear? No! Will I listen to any random man saying they are priests without using my mind? No! We will know them by their works. And so I have a renewed committment to my ethics; to protect the weak, to be virtuous in my dealings with others, and to live each day ready to die.

As I am raised out of the river, I see all of the other baptised running, and Jasper tells me the river was blood! What is this magic? Is it China Doll returned? She is a trickster, a witch if anyone ever was, and we must find her. But we don’t. Instead, Jasper accused Father Angelo to be a witch, and the test is to see if he has a “mark of the devil.” Apparently this is a kind of birthmark.

This “trial” will not turn out well, but at least I am free from these barbarians’ sense of justice. I will be careful how I focus my Chi from now on; I can’t afford any more animosity than my race already draws.

I sit outside during the “trial” and ponder my life; where I’ve come from, and where I’m going. How will I focus my efforts, since I am a deputy? Should I patrol Lower Dodge? Perhaps a business that serves a need? But what do they need? I don’t know, so I ponder.

Walter goes Cow-tipping

Before we head back to Dodge, we meet at Doc Holiday’s place. The plan is to present the forged bounties, then JD calls a town council.

As we enter town, We see Dancing Bear on the gallows being accused by Dill Blake for some barbaric idiocy or another. The team says no, and much threatening and posturing follows. Ghalivi takes the lead, ‘lassoing’ Dill Blake around the neck, dragging him away. At this point several of the townsfolk turn into raging Bull-men, and we are unable to harm them until Dancing Bear casts a spell. Ghalivi drags Blake towards Jasper to be exorcised, but he explodes into a mass of writhing, shadowy tentacles! It almost breaks free, but Boca gets it with a well-placed shot from his scattergun. I never knew those weapons could be so accurate. The Bull-men turn back, but JD and I will never be able to hide from accustions of being “witches” from now on. I don’t care what they think. I am who I am.

In the aftermath, JD and Bradick call a town council, with Dodge City’s future in the balance.

Galihvi Wesa's Twentieth Twisted Tale
“A hanging, though, was something different. I got to thinking. We hadn’t never been to nothing just to have a good time. A hanging was special and we was all getting to go.”

285 cherokee bill gallows.

I awake to some uwoduhi (pretty) young girl redressing my wounds. I accidentally scare her by staring at her. She tells me her name is “Friend Meredith.” I invite her to lunch with us & I go wake Boca. I come to find out that her father is “Friend Marcus”, the overseer from the Circle A Ranch I met (where the Lafayettes live). They are Quakers, so I uwohiyu (believe) that they are all named “friend” as a first name.

For lunch we have a kind of meat soup. Boca & Holliday seem to be having some kind of argument about the soup. I do not golisdi (understand). All I know is that it tastes good. During the meal I talk with Friend Meredith about her god & her peoples’ beliefs. She does not seem to approve of my fighting. She wants me to stop fighting people. I tell her that the white man is not letting me be peaceful. She says she is going to pray for me.

Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man), Pinkerton, & Ulvnotisgi Agayuli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) show up with Walter inside their wagon & something else. Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) comes up to my front door to talk to me. They want me to go into Dodge, to help them “clear up” my name. I saddle up & give Holliday $50 to buy pigs for the farm. I hear that they will eat anything. That could be handy.

As we are riding into Lower Dodge we see a group gathering in front of a gallows just recently built. Amongst the group I spot Analsgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) & see that he’s been beaten & bound ( I had thought that he had been taken with the rest of my people by Ski-‘rik). Dill Blake is in the group & he seems to be riling them up to kill any red skins they can find, for the killing of the Marshall. Suddenly he pushes Analsgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) off of the gallows to hang.

Pinkerton shoots the rope & drops Analsgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) to the ground. Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) throws his bowie knife at Blake & it seems to do little harm to him. Pinkerton shoots him, along with Walter (he seems to have some kind of Yellow man’s magic he calls Chi). Boca then pulls out his new big shotgun & gets all of the people following Dill to calm down.

I lasso Dill & drag him off to calm him down a bit. I also want to take him to Ulvnotisgi Agayuli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) & his god’s magic. Just as I get some distance from Lower Dodge, my horse gets stopped in its tracks, by Dill Blake! I turn about to see what he’s done & discover that something has erupted from inside of him. Something made up of tentacles & shadows & it starts drawing me & my horse back towards it by my own lariat. The manatou actually starts to lift up my horse backwards by pulling on the lariat I tied to it. Luckily the rope snaps under the strain.

The abomination then turns back towards Lower Dodge & casts some kind of magic upon the people gathered there. Then it returns its attention on us & tries to intimidate me & my horse. It fails. I throw a lit stick of dynamite at the creature. This kicks up a lot of dirt into the air, so that I can’t see if I’ve done it any harm. Shit… Suddenly it explodes out of the dust cloud, trying to reach out & grab me. Luckily it misses. I then open fire on it, but my bullets seem to do little to know damage. I empty both my guns into it in frustration.

I turn my horse away to continue on to Ulvnotisgi Agayuli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man), hopefully his god’s magic will work where hot lead has failed. As I’m leaving, Boca shoots it with his sawed-off shotgun (I see that it also fires hellfire), this finally kills the Manitou & we return to Lower Dodge.

When we get back to the gallows, I find Analsgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) collapsed on the ground. Four of the Buffalo Soldiers have fled & one is dead. I take Analsgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) over to the Mustang to heal him up.

Galihvi Wesa's Nineteenth Twisted Tale
You Speak With a Forked Tongue


I am able to ganasinvsdi (drag) myself from the hole & uyanvdv (call) Adayytesdi to me. I jump onto his back & agilvdi (ride) some ways away. When I get a niganayegvna (safe) distance from the paleface judges, I open fire on the one sitting horseback (hitting him at least 3 times (once in the neck)). The shots do not seem to affect him at all. So I shoot his horse from under him. Afterwards, I lasso him & drag him away. He is able to cut himself free from my lariat & disappear in the shadows of the svnoyi (night).

I agilvdi (ride) to Walter & help him with my medicine, his right arm is broken. While I am helping him, I hear a banging sound coming from Boca’s house. I go over there & knock on his front door & tell him that it is me. He swings the door open, grabs me & yanks me inside. Once he has me inside, he starts to hammer the door shut & asks me to start digging a tunnel for us to escape out through.

After Boca seals the front door, he starts yelling at the pack of Pinkertons out front to leave! I start smoking a smoke to calm myself & am looking for some of his fire water that he likes. Maybe if I get him drunk enough, he’ll mellow out. He & I start talking about different plans to escape these pale faces. I offer my six sticks of dynamite to blow up his house, so we can escape in the utsoasedi (confusion).

Walter & Ulvnotisgi Agayuli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) come up to the house & ask to talk to us. Boca rips the front door back open, punches Ulvnotisgi Agayuli Asgaya in the face & then invites him inside. I do not golisdi (understand) this. Walter & Ulvnotisgi Agayuli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) talk with Boca about how to “fix” the white man’s laws concerning me killing the judge & Luke Short. It is all very confusing to me. But again, the pale faces show their willingness to adisadadisdi (bend) their laws to their wants. I leave here in disgust to go collect the scalp of the judge. If I am to be punished for his death, I’ll have my scalp.

After I collect my scalp, I search the pockets of the judge & the rest of the swinging posse. I then go about collecting the stray horses. The rest of the Irregulars come up & Boca tells me to leave all of the gear, so that it doesn’t look like we killed everyone for their gear.

I leave for my place & Boca goes with me. When we get to my house, we find it usiwa (empty). Boca & I are so tired, we just tuck ourselves into different rooms & sleep. Sometime later, I awake to someone loudly opening the front door. It’s Holliday, carrying a body. It seems he has dug up Hicks’ body to do something he calls “research.” I tell him to go ahead & warn Boca to lock his door & go back to sleep…

Walter the Deputy

As JD hangs the first judge, I run toward a flash of muzzle fire, and stand toe-to-toe with another judge. My punches got through, but I was powerless to resist his blades. As I fade into the black, I see five hoursemen ride out of the darkness, and as they jump off their horses, they transform into werewolves. When I come to, Ghalivi is helping me up, and these horsemen made short work of the judges, but one still got away. They are pinkertons, and I may have to call on them later to help pardon Ghalivi and Boca. I apologize to Boca, and even though he accepts my apology, he’s still angry. We hatch a plan to forge bounties on Luke Short and the Judge, to make it easier for me when we return to town. I don’t think I like being a deputy, but this is an oppurtunity to fix Dodge City problems, and eliminate the Poker Group once and for all.

Adayytesdi Gatsanula
“In riding a horse, we borrow freedom”

Skinny appaloosa

Adayvtesdi Gatsanula

Preacher Petersen was a “good Christian” from what the Indian bureau soldiers told us. He came to our tribe to teach us about the white man’s god & his son the crucified Jesus. He was to also teach us about the white man’s customs & law. He taught us all of these things & more. First we were warned by the Bureau of Indian Affairs that we were not to harm the preacher in any way, that he was protected by the white man’s government & to do so was against the law, the white man’s law.

I grew up having to go to the Preacher’s School. I was always dragged there by some of the older boys in the tribe, because I’d rather be out in the world learning about it, than being forced to look at squiggly lines drawn by people I don’t know & didn’t want to know. I tried very hard to not learn any of these things the Preacher was telling us. I got whipped many times. It was after a year or so that I started to notice that Preacher seemed to spend more time around some of the children, the younger ones. I also started to notice that he asked a lot of questions about our traditions, like our burial rights, especially where we buried our dead.

Preacher petersen

One day Preacher was taking some of the “little ones” out on an outing with him to get them “blessed.” I followed them from some distance. They went out towards our burial site & camped down by a river with a favorite swimming hole. It was during the summer, so all of the little ones went down to the swimming hole to swim. After a while Preacher called up a young brother & sister to “help him.” They came up eagerly since he usually rewarded his helpers with rock candy. They went back to the tent Preacher had set up for the “blessings.” I snuck up to the tent like I was going to count coup, but I didn’t need to because I could easily hear what occurred within. Preacher began by yelling about the “red man’s sins” & how we had to beg for forgiveness with our hearts, minds & bodies, especially our bodies. That was when I heard Preacher start talking quietly to the children. I won’t go into detail about what he did to those two, but it was wrong.

During the afternoon, Preacher “blessed” each of the little ones down in the water. The brother & sister were not to be seen. It wasn’t until after dinner, that I was able to see the pair limping out of Preacher’s tent. They were staggering around as if in a daze crying. The other children tried to ask them what was wrong, but the pair seemed unable to speak to anyone. They also seemed to have difficulty seeing others… Preacher caught the two & guided them back to his tent for more “blessings.” They didn’t go willingly. Shortly after bringing them back to his tent, he came back out alone.

After dinner & more prayers, Preacher got all of the children put to sleep & retired back to his tent, where you could hear more animal like grunting coming from it. After an hour or so Preacher came back out dressed in cowboy wear & rode his horse off from camp, I followed. After a short ride it was evident where he was going, he was headed towards our burial site in a local canyon.

He rode into this canyon silently & started searching the various platforms for “relics.” He found plenty. He rode out of there with his horse loaded down with his “relics.” When he got back to camp, he found a surprise. The brother & sister had gone down to the river & drowned themselves. The next morning, Preacher packed up all of the children into his wagon & went back to our tribe. After dropping off the children & giving a brief explanation about the siblings having accidentally “drowned,” he rode out of our area, again I followed.

Several miles away, he met up with a caravan of colorful wagons with “Barker Bob” painted on the side of them. When he rode up to the wagons, another white man came out & greeted him warmly. They went inside this man’s wagon for quite some time, I waited in the dark. While I waited, I moved about the wagons, to see what I could find. I discovered tied to the last wagon a large spotted horse that had been hobbled, but seemed to be still trying to fight free of its tethers. I could see that this was an animal with great spirit & should be allowed to be free. So I snuck up & undid its leg ties & then its bridle. While doing this I noticed that it had unshod hooves & that attached to the wagon was a crow scalp, I figure that the scalp belonged to the horses previous owner. After I undid its ties It immediately ran off. Luckily all of the white men here were asleep & didn’t notice. After several hours the two men came out to Preacher’s horse & unloaded it of all of the “relics” he’d brought & took them inside the wagon.

When the two men went back into the wagon, I decided that I needed to settle up with Preacher. So I set fire to the wagon & ran back out where I had stashed my bow & arrow & waited for them to come out. Well very quickly they both came out of the wagon staggering & half naked. I shot the wagon owner with my first arrow in the throat & then shot the first of five arrows into Preacher. The first arrow took him in the stomach (for eating the hopes of my people), the second arrow took him in the left leg (for trying to trying to escape justice), the third arrow took him in the mouth (for speaking lies), the fourth arrow took him in his right arm (for harming my people), & the fifth arrow took him in the heart (for desecrating my peoples burial site). During all of his screams the other white people were scattering, trying to see what was happening. They were confused by a pack of coyotes that seemed to appear out of nowhere & be running off their horses. I collected Preacher’s scalp while he lived & then shot the last arrow into his chest.

When I walked away from this site, I found that my horse had run off in the confusion. But I did find the Crow horse standing there waiting for me. He was standing over a white man’s body, its head had been kicked in by the horses hoof. I introduced myself to him & he allowed me to ride him back to my tribe. He has stayed with me since, allowing me to ride him. I have named him Adayvtesdi Gatsanula, which means “Kicks Hard” in the white man’s tongue.


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