Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter and The Great Bullet Heist

I wake to the noisy and busy streets of a large number of miners and prospectors. I manage to strike up enough conversation that they are here on their way to coyote country to take Ghost rock. I don’t think it will end well for anybody involved.

Bradick hires me for a day for $100 to guard a shipment while Bradick guards it on the way to Zimmerman’s warehouse. Easy job, and I get a peak inside to see what I was guarding. I looked, and I was surprised. I don’t know how they work, but Zimmerman has automotons! I think a German word that fits is “robots.” Steel, steam-powered machines, very similar to a much larger one we encountered on our first trip to Dodge City. That one had a corpse inside, but I wonder what is inside these new robots.

Back at the Longbranch, JD convinces me and Boca to steal bullets from Zimmerman so a profit can be made. I was against it at first, but Boca is surprisingly pursuasive. That is, after we calmed him down. He got in a shoot-out with the Shadow Man, and collected the bounty. However, it appears this is the very same “Magic-Man” that killed Boca several years ago, and possesses bodies. His current vessel is Luke Short. That can’t end well, but JD says he will handle it. He’s free to it, there’s nothing I can do about it.

To rob Zimmerman’s warehouse, Boca and I had to figure out how to trick or convince Bradick to let us do it, since he was sitting guard that night, a job I previously refused. We settle on me taking Bradick’s shift for him, and conveniently only guarding the robots, not the bullets. Boca digs a hole behind some crates near the wall, but I didn’t notice there were prospectors around, so we were almost mugged. We fended them off, mostly because Boca threatened to shoot them, but then we had a new problem: witnesses. I knocked them out best I could, Boca hit me in the face to give me a black eye, and in the morning when Bradick comes back, I say that I was jumped, and was only able to capture three of them before they ran away with several different kinds of merchandise. I remind him that I was guarding the robots, and those are still intact. As I stood there lying to his face, I got the feeling that he knew something was up, but maybe he thought I was just embarrassed at my “failure” and deciding to just forget about it. Either way, Boca and I were successful, and lucky for us, too.

The next morning a fellow Chinese comes to my door and tells me he and several other Chinese were beaten by Freedmen who thought they were stealing their jobs. He asks for training in Kungfu, and I accept. I now have 30 Chinese men willing to fight as I do, but now I need a place to do it. I wonder, would others be willing to learn the skills? Many people are downtrodden and abused and bullied, I think if I extended my training to the whole city, I would be very pleased with the number that shows up. But that will have to wait.

The town council has brought in these robots from Deseret Industries to break the Freedmen’s strike, for less than paying a man. That’s not the worst, if a Freedman or colored goes on strike, the council is requiring a businessman must hire a robot to replace them. I don’t like this at all. My fellow Chinese are beat up for nothing, colored people work for a fraction of the money white people earn, and now they have no choice to keep working. This town council is a band of bullies. I think sabotage is the plan of the day.

Galihvi Wesa's Eleventh Twisted Tale
It is a good day to die.

Galihvi Wesa’s Eleventh Twisted Tale;
Prospectors hut dargo
I uyetsvgi (awake) to much noise coming from the street outside the Longbranch. When I hagata (look) outside, I see many gadaha unegv asgaya (dirty white men) standing around talking to each other & there are ugodidi (many) more of them coming from the talugisgi usdiganvnv ulewisdi (iron trail station). I overhear someone in the saloon say theses asgaya (men) are “prospectors” & that they are here to invade the Coyote Confereation for the Anitsasgili Nvya (Ghost Rock) that’s been found there!

I leave immediately to tell Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) & I see that he’s already started to move our yvwi (people) out to the farmstead. I’ve decided to call it the Galitsode of Digasawosdi (House of Tears). Since each of the people hear is another gatsagalvdigohasgv (teardrop) to what the Unegv Asgaya (White Man) is continuing to do to my people! During our talk, I also ask him to let any of the other braves in the area know that I’m gathering together a war party together to go out & destroy Fort Dodge! After this, I head back up to Upper Dodge.

On my way back to the Longbranch, I have a little “run in” with a couple of “prospectors.” They try & attack me by pulling out diyelasdi (knives). I skin leather & point ayvdaqualosgv (thunder) at him & tell him “Stupid Whiteman, you don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” He freezes where he is & all of his tsunalii (friends) disappear.

I stop at Doc Arness’ to offer him a job of “Administrator” at the Galitsode of Digasawosdi (House of Tears). He wants $500 a month! I dulinohelv (tell) him that I’ll see what I can do. I then go right over to the telegraph office & nahnai (place) an “ad” in Atlanta for the same posting.

Iwulisquadv (finally) get to the Longbranch & adadvganedi (overhear) a talk between Zimmerman, Hoover & Lafayette (all unegv (white) businessmen) about stopping the “colored’s” strike? They already have nvgotlvhisodiyi (replacement) workers. Lafayette wants five to digalvwisdanedi (work) his land, Hoover wants some with guns to be “security.” This doesn’t sound osdv (good).

I udadelisdi (sneak) into the saloon & get Clay Benedict’s agatoli (eye) & we go up to my rooms to have a quiet gawonisgv (talk). I explain to him what I adadvganedi (overhear) outside about the Unegv Asgaya (White Man) plans for his yvwi (people) strike. He thanks me & leaves.

When I go back down to the saloon, I agowadvdi (see) that Ski’-rik is hiring himself as a adasehedi (guide) to these “prospectors” to go into Coyote lands. I decide to do the same, except that my “prospectors” won’t be coming back & I don’t know if Ski’-rik will either…

After this, I go back into Lower Dodge to send a rider back home, to let them know that I’m bringing them more scalps! The next morning, I gani (lead) my unegv awiunodena (white sheep) to the Gigvha Gadohi (Blooded Ground)…

Braddick Mission File #49


Michael Braddick

Dodge City

Bank Robbers
Supernatural activity in Cimmerron


Seems the freeman are getting restless in Dodge City. The leader of the Freeman Confederation is gathering them all up and threatening to go on some sort of strike. Just what they need before the big cattle drive season. While they weren’t threatening to do anything violent yet, Clay Benedict was preaching from the steps of the Long Branch and I went over and asked him politely to take his show off of private property. I then made myself comfortable to watch the show. We’ll see where this goes and if it requires any kind of defusing.

Afterwards we decide to track down the bank robbers in hopes of retreiving our deeds. Ghalivi does an excellent job of finding their tracks and we being tracking them outside of town and into the countryside. Its almost a day’s journey before we are able to catch up with them.

The battle is fairly quick but disturbing. It appears that several of this gang were zombies. Looks to be they were going to be burned alive. We find a survivor in the bushes and he tells of another man that had hired them to steal the deeds (which were unfortunately burned in the campfire, though I did find the Grand Central in there) and then proceeded to burn them when he showed up. The man then turned on them and proceeded to try and burn them as well before heading off.

The next morning after we set up camp, Ghalivi picked up the trail of the shadow man that lead to the town of Cimmmeran. I needed to head here anyways to check out what was going on. It was interesting as we entered the town it looked deserted, but I could spot people in the windows. We decided to check out the salon. As soon as we entered it all went sideways…

It appeared the town was taken over by ghouls of some sort. As soon as I entered the bar they launched at me. Unfortunately I panicked and changed immediately causing unforeseen detriment to our group. Jasper appeared to have a heart attack and Boca seemed to panic in fear. The rest of the fight was pretty gruesome as it appeared any strike or shot to these creatures bloated stomachs caused them to explode in a shower of blood and gore. We managed to fight off the ones in the bar and quickly decided to burn the rest of the town down. It appeared to be caused by a cursed cornicopia in the center of town.

We finally made it back to town and turned in the bounty for the uncle and nephews.


“Wolf in sheep’s skin mp3 ":

Galihvi Wesa's Tenth Twisted Tale

Galihvi Wesa’s Tenth Twisted Tale;

I awake to the noise of many people anitlisisgv (gathering) outside on the street. When I go outside, I agowadvdi (see) that there is a equa (large) group of blacks anitlisisgv (gathering) because they are mad at the whiteman! I can golisdi (understand) their feelings. I continue on to outside of Dodge to greet the sun for the day. I have a asvnasdiyi (feeling) that today is going to be ulisgedv (important).

Oh, Great Spirit whose voice I hear in the winds & whose breath gives life to all the world, hear me, I am small & weak, I need your strength & wisdom. Let me walk in beauty & make my eyes ever behold the red & purple sunset. Make my hands respect the things you have made & my ears sharp to hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may understand the things you have taught my people. Let me learn the lessons you have hidden in every leaf and rock. I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother, but to fight my greatest enemy – myself. Make me always ready to come to you with clean hands and straight eyes. So when life fades, as the fading sunset, my Spirit may come to you without shame.

After my morning blessing, I look for the tracks of the men who robbed the bank. I awadvdi (find) them easily from my anisoquili (horses) back. While I ayasdi (search), Boca, Wang & the Pinkerton come up to me & watsi (watch). We agilvdi (ride) out of town for most of a iga (day), west-north west, until I see the glow of a bright atsilv (fire), whitemen!

I sneak up on the site & agowadvdi (see) an asgaya (man) standing agatiya (guard). I sneak up on him to count coup on him. My hayelasdi (knife) barely hurts him, damn I thought it was a better knife than it appears to be. Maybe I should rename it, instead of “Arkansas Toothpick.” He turns around after my attack & fires his shotgun at me, burning my left arm with the passing of its icy fire?

The rest of the group opens fire on the group of robbers, Pinkerton kills three of the men with his mechanical pistol. It’s uwotlvdiha (funny), every time he uses that gun, he sorts of cringes (as if he’s expecting something bad to happen to him). I have to asquanigohisdi (wonder) why he uses this type of gun, if he utugiuwaha (expects) it to go bad… Anyway, we all take on the agatiya (guard) & it takes everything we have to kill him. I end up burying my tomahawk in his head & finally collect my coup on him!

Afterwards, I ayasdi (search) the campsite & I find a set of horse tracks that came up to the camp & left, maybe another partner? While I’m doing this, Pinkerton seems upset about the fuel used for the fire set here. The robbers set fire to all of the deeds stolen from the bank. Asegiyu (strangely), his deed to his “purchased” hotel survived the atsilv (fire)…

Atsilv (fire)…now that is usquanigodi (interesting). Just after I collected coup on the agatiya (guard), I felt a uyvtlv uwanawisgi (cold shiver) cover me from nose to toe & finger to finger. I also awadvdi (found) myself fascinated by the fire burning away, watching it alasgida (dance) in the night…

I advgi (hear) from the other side of the camp the others have awadvdi (found) something, it is an atsisonvnvhi (injured) white man. Wang is trying to heal him, but I adanvtesgv (think) it may be too late for him. The uyohusv asguya (dead man) tells us that him & his friends were adanatlav (hired) by someone called Gvwagewisvi (Oblivion). This same man came here & killed his partners last night & his partners re-arose tonight as harrowed. Then he passes on.

We stay there for the night & the next morning I track Mr. Gvwagewisvi (Oblivion) north to another small town called Cimarron. Pinkerton looks like he agataha (knows) this town. It looks usiwa (empty) as we enter. I move away from the group to keep a better ganvhida dikanodii (long view) of the area. I don’t want another attack of didanvdo (spirits) like what happened in Paradise. I ride to the gasohi (back) side of the buildings, while the others move up the main street. I come across two men eating a soquili (horse). When they see me, they attack! I’m able to lead them away from the buildings & kill them in the open. At first, I shoot their heads. This doesn’t alewisdodi (stop) them, they’re still able to sense me! I eventually shoot one in the big stomach & it explodes! I quickly adelahohisdi (realize) that this is how to kill them.

I head back to town & lead others around to ambush them, killing them too! I am able to collect six more scalps afterwards. While I was doing this, the rest of the group set atsilv (fire) to the town, killing all of the cursed people here.

We’re able to get back to Dodge & collect our bounties on the escaped bank robbers. My share is $625.00, so I’m able to go back to the land office & pay the rest of my debt & take ownership of the farmstead. I let Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) know about the farm, so he can move all of the sick there.

Walter King, Chinese-American

We staked out the sheriff’s office, hoping Shane Ladd’s brother and uncle showed up to break him out, but instead we see Clay Benedict—member of the gambling goup in the Long Branch and leader of Freedman Compact—inspiring freedmen in what they call a “strike.” I am unfamiliar with this concept, but I like the concept. I am not willing to support them until they take action; a man’s worth is determined by how he takes action. They have given the local Dodge City businesses three days to negotiate better contracts before they Strike. Matthew Bradick seems wary of this occurance, but I think he will be smart and negotiate a better deal for these former slaves. In China, many of us may be poor, but none of us are slaves, or have ever been slaves. I sympathize, but I have a reputation I want to maintain as a fair dealer, so I will be cautious with further involvement. Of course, I have no issues with selling weapons to these Freedmen. Everyone has a right to defend themselves.

Boca, Ghalivi, Bradick, Jasper, and I head out following the tracks of the bank robbers, for two reasons: recover the deeds (Bradick and JD have investments that depend on these documents) and to recover the bounties of Shane Ladd’s uncle and brother. After a day’s ride, we find a campfire, and ambush the camp, with Ghalivi’s expert guidance. After a brief and intense battle, we destroy them. Killing them isn’t the right word, since three were what the Americans call zombies (the dead risen again) and something called a “Harrowed.” Bradick destroyed the zombies easily enough, and Ghalivi was extremely deadly with his tomahawk. As Chinese, I’ve never heard that word, but I like the sound. The name seems to match its function very well. “Tomahawk” has a nice ring to it, as Americans say it. Bradick hears a dying man in the bushes, and he is able to identify Matthews Ladd (the uncle) and Brant Ladd (the brother), and he tells us a man dressed in black hired them to steal the deeds. The man in black was called Oblivion, and as far as I can tell, that means “nothingness” and means this man strives for complete distruction. The dying man dies before we get anything else; I wasn’t able to save him. Oblivion burned everything. Bradick was lucky enough to find his deed to the Grand Central Hotel, but all the other deeds are ashes. We set camp for the night, to head out in the morning.

Ghalivi finds Oblivion’s tracks heading north, and we follow him to a town called Cimarron. As far as we could tell riding in, the town was completely empty, except for a large “cornecopia” full of food on a table in the center of town. Boca, Bradick, Jasper and I enter the saloon, while Ghalivi scouts the town. We are surprised by horrific creatures, with long sharp teeth, and bulging bellies undoubtedly filled with the meat of people. Luckily, I was able to keep cool long enough to fight of one of the three. Boca was able to destroy one monster with the bullets blessed by Jasper, and I destroyed another. Bradick turned into something furry, with large teeth and claws and seemed to tear apart his opponent with ease. I don’t know what he is, but I’ve been doing some reading. Bradick is what they call a “werewolf.” We burn Cimarron, and head to Dodge City.

Turning in our bounty to the Sheriff, and then to Hoover, we make a total bounty of $2500. Split four ways, since Bradick vouched for us on condition he didn’t receive a bounty, we each get $625. Looking at our team, I see men who work together despite cultural and racial differences. How can I look at Bradick, the man who vouched for us with these bounties, never attacked us and seems honorbound to the team, and not trust him? So what if he transforms into a monster? A man is judged by his actions, and what I see when I look at Bradick is a man who lives by a code, doing his very best to contain the monster within him. I will research this condition, and if I can find a cure, I will show it to him. If I can’t, I will search for a way to control the transformation, so that he will never be mindless monster; just a monster, with his own mind.

After our two very successful days of hunting, I begin to think that the people of Dodge City, and America itself, are not prepared to face the monsters out there. I wonder, can I create a center of learning and healing? A place that can teach the best of medicine from every culture? A place that can teach the best of fighting skills of each culture? I think I have the money to start such a place, and if Matthew Bradick and JD vouch for me, I think I could make a good case for such a place. Such a place would require cooperation of unprecedented levels between 4 seperate cultures that until now have been constant opponents, if not outright enemies. I think the gambling group that gathers in the LongBranch will be the best way to start such an endeavor. With my martial arts and knowledge of medicine, I think I can convince them that it would be worth the effort. My reputation has been growing as a kind of peacemaker in Dodge City, and I think I can make that work to my benefit, and the benefit of Dodge City as a whole.

I plan, and watch, remembering what my ShiFu (master) taught me; as the Americans say, we’re all in the same boat. I am only beginning to think of myself as a Chinese-American.

I have decided to pick Walter King as my American name. Walter shows off my abitilty to speak an english name, and my surname “Wang” is roughly translated to King. I realize now that my skill in English is about average for Dodge City, but I can’t help but feel that I am still uneducated, as if I was an ameteur. However, I appear to be an expert when it comes to speaking to people in this region.

I have long-term plans, but meanwhile this team and I still have to track down and neutralize the ShadowMan, and find more about this man in black called Oblivion.

Braddick Mission File #48


Michael Braddick

Dodge City
Circle A Ranch

Personal Report


It appears we have some sort of dark magic voodoo going on in town in relation to the random hangings in town. Last night J.D seemed to wrong this ‘spirit’ and was strung up on the sign out front. Initially it was shrouded in darkness, but once the darkness cleared we could see J.D hanging and kicking as if swinging from the gallows. Luckily Walter and I were keeping a watch out thinking this would happen. Walter leaped from the window and ran over to help hold him up to prevent him from choking out. I managed to pull out my Colt and fired a single shot, severing the rope and dropping J.D to the ground.

Walter mentioned he heard someone speaking while he was attempting to save J.D and that the man spoke in a cajun type accent. We asked Bat about this and he said they only Cajun people he knew were employed out at Circle A Ranch outside of town.

We went out to the Circle A and did some investigative work. After questioning several ‘Freeman’ we found that one of them was familiar with the ‘Shadow Man’. He was obviously afraid of this man, and the ranch owner was none too happy with the man’s attempt to hid the information. I took pity on the man and told him he could report to work at my hotel.

Now to find this ‘Shadow man’.

Galihvi Wesa's Nineth Twisted Tale
It is better to have less thunder in the mouth & more lightning in the hand.

Blackfoot tipis

I come back to Dodge & head into lower Dodge to look into this Udayvladv Asgaya (Shadow Man). Igvyi (first) place I go to is Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) tipi. I adanohisehi (notice) that almost all of the yvwi (people) living here seem to be sick or something. They are all staying in their tents while udanila (ill). Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) tells me that all of these sick yvwi (people) are from the Wayaha Ayeliudotlvsv (Coyote Nation) & are sick with the Unegv Asgaya (White Man) sickness that drowns from inside. They came here udugiuwaha (hoping) that Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) could help them.

I atuyasdodi (promise) Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) that I will help them. I leave for Unegv (White) Dodge to get a ganagati (doctor).

While heading there, I advgi (hear) gunfire from there & run into Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) & tell him about my atuyasdodi (promise) to Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) & my uduladi (need) to get the ganagati (doctor). He goes with me into Unegv (white) Dodge.
When we get by the Longbranch, we agowadvdi (see) the Didanasvhvsgi (Bandit) shooting at a group of horsemen leaving town. He & Wang Peng are following them. I continue on to the ganagati (doctor)…

I meet Augustus Arness, the Unegv Ganagati (White Doctor) & tell him about my yvwi (people) & their sickness. He agrees to try & help, we head into lower Dodge. At Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) tipi & they talk to each other in the unegv (white) tongue. I am barely able to ganvnvi (track) it. Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) tells me the Unegv Asgaya (White Man) calls the sickness “consumption.”

Unegv Ganagati (White Doctor) tells me that yvwi (people) normally get this by asdudi dudaniyvsv (close contact), like sex. I go & gawonisgv (talk) to some of the sick & awadvdi (find) that Golanv (Raven) has been calling in the Yvwi (People) & more & more anilasdalv (tribes) have been coming to the ayeliudotlvsv (nation). They also got a adanedi (gift) of food from Kansas government as a nvwatohiyadv (peace) offering.

Wang Peng showed up here during our gawonisgv (talk) & tells us about a ageyvutseli (woman’s) cure he remembers from his gadohi (land). The sick must eat moldy bread & eventually getting better? We’ll try it.

Next I go to the Nigav Adananv (General Store) & buy some new “duds” to go to the adelatsunidi (bank). I agowadvdi (see) many unegv yvwi (white people) wear these kinds of clothes to do digalvwisdanedi (business). The clothes cost me $47.00, I hope this works.

I go to the gadohi (land) surveyor’s & pay $200.00 for a 200 hundred acre lot with a five bedroom house on it. This will be a Galitsode Digasawosdi (House of Tears) for my sick yvwi (people). I uduladi (need) to gawonisgv (talk) to the Didanasvhvsgi (bandit) about borrowing some money.

I then went to the Longbranch to gawonisgv (talk) to Didanasvhvsgi (bandit) about the money. Him & Wang Peng are there & they dulinohelv (tell) me about a bounty on two men;
1. Uncle Mathias= $750.00
2. Brant Ladd= $500.00
George Hoover will pay double for their adahisdi (murder)!

While we’re gawonisgv (talking), the Didanasvhvsgi (bandit) skins his adasnv (lucky) gun, cocks it against his asgoli (head). I ganiyadi (grab) his arm & pull the gun away from his asgoli (head). Wang then beats him to galvdi (sleep). I then dakanehv (tie) him up. He wakes up after a while & Wang uninohedi (tells) him about why we did what we did. He uninohedi (tells) us that the Udayvladv Asgaya (Shadow Man) unohelei (told) him to adahisdi (kill) himself & he couldn’t stop himself.

After this the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) finds me & advdvhvsga (asks) me to help with tracking the adelatsunidi (bank) robbers. They come up with a plan on staking out the marshal’s office, since the robber’s brother/nephew is captive there…

Walter The Bounty Hunter

I never thought I’d be working with Boca by myself. While in lower Dodge, we heard gunshots, so we rode our horse north to investigate, and we see men on horses riding away. Boca takes a shot, without know who it is. Luckily for him, they were bank robbers, but they took only deeds from the town. Strange thing to do, really. Boca and I catch up to a man he wounded, and luckily for us, there was a $500 bounty on him, dead or alive. I preferred alive, since he could have information on the heist. Back in town, The banker Mr. Hoover, narrowly misses our bounty, and then things got tense. JD was convinced that Hoover was scamming him, Jasper throws a lit stick of dynamite to “defuse” the situation, and Boca and the Sheriff draw down on each other. The least I could do was defuse the dynamite, and I did my best talking everyone down. Times like those make me very glad I learned english as fast as I did.

Bounty paid, no one dead, we discover that the bounty Boca and I captured has a brother worth $500, and an uncle worth $750.

Later, I try to help Ghalivi Wesa’s people with their “Consumption” problem. I’m able to remember an old remedy from my childhood, but his people seem reluctant to try something a Chinese tells them, but perfectly willing to listen to a white doctor. Fascinating how deep racism goes in our world. Regardless, I parted with $100 of the share of money Boca and I acquired from our bounty’s saddlebags, and went back to the LongBranch.

Boca informs us that Gordon King, who works at the Ketchum’s restaurant, may be our “ShadowMan.” And then Boca tries to shoot himself in the head. That was unsettling, that the Shadowman can get to us like that. Ghalivi managed to wrestle the gun out of Boca’s hands, and I managed to knock the tough guy unconscious so we could tie him up. Boca seems remarkably undisturbed. Probably because he’s permanently drunk.

As part of JD’s plan, we are now staking out the sheriff’s office from the Grand Central Hotel, in the hopes of catching Shane Ladd’s uncle and brother coming back to get him.

Train Robbery and Ruminations

My group of American friends plan a train robbery of Union Blue 103. For most Americans, this has certain political ramifications, but to me, this reminds of my younger days when I was a theif. It was extremely exciting. We planned to disconnect the final train car containing “nitroglycerine,” as the whitemen call it. From what I learned, it is extremely combustable and is used in Dynamite. JD, myself and Bradick board the train as passengers, and then we ran and jumped across the train cars on top while Jasper, Ghalivi Wesa and Boca stage a fake “Injun” raid at the same time, rigging the tracks to explode. JD has a tactical mind, and the only hitch in the plan was when he got shot. Bradick and JD seemed to have trouble jumping the spaces between cars, but the performed well enough. With my kungfu training it was easy enough. Once disconnected, we loaded the nitroglycerine into Jasper’s wagon and made our way back to Dodge City, where we made the trade with that enigmatic mad scientist for 100 pills of “greased lightning.” I have little use for such a substance, so I entrusted JD with my share of 16 so that he could sell them. I have confidence in JD that he will make the sale, and he has never cheated me.

When we return to town, I learn that men have been hanged more often than normal, one of them is the son of Colonel Boon Farnum. He rides into town and attempts to take Luke Short as a hostage, to force results from the sheriff. Bradick and I are able to negotiate a week to find the culprit before the Colonel comes back to town to kill everyone. Bradick is a better talker, but I was able to upset the Colonel with my challenges enough to know that he will do exactly what he says. When the time comes, I won’t hesitate to put him down, but he has my sympathies. It’s not an easy thing to lose your son.

Bradick and I decide to “stake out” (as americans say) the hanging site from his newly acquired hotel. On my watch, a dark cloud obscures the area, and I hear footsteps. I wake up Bradick, and we decide to wait and see what happens, because neither of us can see in the dark, and you can’t shoot what you don’t see. When the darkness dissipates, we see JD struggling from a noose. I act quickly, jumping through the window and race to JD. I hold him up, to give him a change to get out of the noose, but he is drugged and his hands bound. Then I hear a voice say “you shouldn’t interfere.” Bradick takes a shot and cuts the noose with a single bullet, and I carry JD inside to find out what happened.

As we continue our investigation, we discover that the voice I heard was a Louisianan accent, and the only Louisianans in town reside at Phineus Lafeyette’s ranch, the Circle A. We interview his laborers, and end up talking to Mr. Greene, an African and former slave. We discover that a “Shadow Man” is killing men, and that he doesn’t like “her” being used like her ancestors were. We discover that this “her” is actually a prostitute under JD’s employ. Apperently JD takes a little sex on the side from her.

Among all these happenings, I begin to wonder what my longterm goals are. I would very much like to start a school for kungfu here, though I’m not sure if people will come. With the money from my share of the train robbery, I think I could buy a building up front with cash, so I can avoid being in debt with these Americans. In the short term, I think I will cultivate better relationships with the Chinese in Dodge City, and aid my team in whatever jobs we find. They’re good people, though a little rough around the edges.

May Heaven smile on us all.


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