Deadlands: Dodge City

Walter is definitely a bounty hunter

I stayed with Jasper during the excorcism, and it was an educational experience. I am not sure what power source or ability Jasper uses to do what he does, but I am impressed. He seems to call on the power of Heaven itself to expel spirits and bless his friends and allies.
While we are expelling the spirit from JD, Bradick and Ghalivi investigate the location of the master control device for the automotons, and they are successful, as they return to Boca’s place in the morning with a strange device. We enlist the help of the mad scientist to understand how it works, after he gives JD a device to disable one or more automotons. Sadly, we will have to test it, since it’s a prototype.

In the afternoon, JD and I set out to the Orient brothel to confront China Doll. Jasper is exhausted, so he sleeps. Upon entering, JD uses his token to give me some personal time with Abilene, while he goes upstairs to talk to China Doll. While sexing Abilene, I realize I misread JD’s innuendo. He needs my help! So I finish quickly. I apologize to Abilene for my abruptness, and promise to return later and return the favor. I aim to please, after all. I break throught the window of China Doll’s room, to see JD and her facing off against each other. I am briefly confused, because I see her with a knife, threatening to stab JD, but it is an illusion. I am able to shake it off, and I prepare to enter battle with this possessed woman. And then the unexpected happened: she threw herself out the window! Luckily, there was a bounty on her, for the crime of murdering her husband, so a potentially deadly situation was dispelled. It would have been a very bad thing to be framed for murder. I was fortunate to have an escape plan. I wanted to take her alive, but she forced my hand. I get down to the street while Ghalivi is scalping her. I was disturbed by this. Are all Americans barbarians? Ugh. I tell Luke Short I am collecting a bounty on the woman, and I collect the $500 reward from Luke Short. I was surprised to discover that the bounty had already been collected, but he was willing to pay anyway. This leads me to think that she has been possessed for a very long time, and the spirit that possessed her did not need a living body. I am not pleased with this prospect, and I must be ever vigilant for such a thing.

Before turning in for the night, I share half of the bounty with JD ($250), because he has been such a good partner. JD was frankly surprised that I was so generous. I am glad that I can make such a good impression. It is important to me to present a good face, and be a representative of the Chinese people. In the morning, I will meditate, and teach my students what I have learned. There are spirits walking the earth. I must teach them what I know about defending their spirit, so that they may resist possession.

Walter Makes a Decision

The week passes uneventfully. The strike continues, and I continue teaching my students KungFu.
My students and I tried hunting today, and we got a pretty good haul. We had dinner at Jasper’s soup kitchen, I think he appreciates our donation.

JD gathers us at Boca’s and we learn disturbing news. He killed Hoover, which doesn’t surprise me, but now he wants our help to kill the chamber of commerce, since they’re possessed by demons. Unlikely, so I asked Bradick to confirm, since he can see things others cannot. The next thing JD said surprised everyone. He is possessed by a Demon. Up until this point, JD was trying to convince us to stage a coup by sending the automotons to attack the pinkertons in town. Jasper decided this was a horrible and unethical idea, and discovering JD was possessed was the final straw. Jasper attacks him, trying to knock him out, and at first both me and Ghalivi defend JD from this outburst. JD seems to force out the words “let him do it!” So, the night is passed with Jasper exorcising JD. Bradick, Ghalivi and Boca head into town to begin searching for the remote control that controls the automotons, because with that we can break the strike for good, and give power back to the people.

Galihvi Wesa's Fifteenth Twisted Tale
When the white man discovered this country, Indians were running it. No taxes, no debt, women did all the work. White man thought he could improve on a system like this

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One week after the ahnatlihvanigatahv (duel), the gvhnage anisgaya (black men) have closed all of the tsunilvwisdanedi (businesses) by sitting in them. Huh, I wouldn’t adanvtesgv (think) that something so nutsosdvna (simple) would work. If something like this happened with my yvwi (people), we would just move on & leave the sitters there, since they seem to really nasgiyai (like) where they are sitting. Nahiyugesv (during) this week, I have udanvsv (moved) into the geyatahi soquili (Mustang) to make sure it is adatlisvi (running) right.

I anagisdi (go) out to the “sanitarium” to agowadvdi (see) how things are adatlisvi (running) there. I awadvdi (find) Doctor Holliday digging a atalsev (hole). He uninohedi (tells) me that they need more tents for their utlvgi (sick) to stay in further away from each other. So that they do not keep getting each other utlvgi (sick) again. I also awadvdi (find) that Holliday has a usiwasgv (cough)…

I go to Analasgisgv Alisoqualvdi (Dancing Bear) & gawonisgv (talk) to him about the uduladi (need) for more tipis. He disagrees. He aduliha (wants) all of the utlvgi (sick) to stay closer to each other to raise their didanvdo (spirits). He also uninohedi (tells) me about their uduladi (need) of daily ama (water). I will get a well dug here. I also have the nelisv (thought) of building a sweat lodge here. I leave to go back to Dodge & to the geyatahi soquili (Mustang).

As I am dunilvwisdanehv (working) at the geyatahi soquili (Mustang), the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) comes in & asks me to anagisdi (go) with him to Boca’s. On the way, he uninohedi (tells) me that the Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) is also there…

We get to Boca’s & find him ayilisv (driving) some kind of atsilvgasadoyasgi (steam) wagon in a circle around hisgi (five) gvhnage asgaya (black men). He is also uditahv (drunk). The Free Crow is also docked at Boca’s.

The Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) shows up & uninohedi (tells) us about his ditlilosdodi (plans);
1. He atsilvgi (killed) Hoover. Huh.
2. He aduliha (wants) us to kill the poker group!
a. He uninohedi (tells) us that “Bazylacob” & the Chamber of Commerce rule Dodge.
b. Dodge Chamber of Commerce;
i. Albert Boyd-Dodge House
ii. Basil Acob-?
iii. Charles Rath-Co-owner of the General Store
iv. Fredrick Zimmerman-General Store
v. George Hoover-Bank & Smoke shop
vi. John Muler-Boot Shop
vii. Robert Wright-General Store
3. He aduliha (wants) us to explode Pinkerton’s hotel. Pinkerton also uninohedi (tells) us that there are a group of Pinkertons staying there. They are here to alewisdodi (stop) the gvhnage (black) strike.

After Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) uninohedi (tells) us this, the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) hits him upside his head! But, it does not knock him out. The Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) pulls his haylasdi (knife) & tries to keep the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) away. The Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man) then grabs a chair & attacks with that. That is when I “skin leather” & dulinohelv (tell) him to sit down. This seems to give him pause. This is when Wang Peng also attacks the Ulvnotisgi Agayvli Asgaya (Crazy Old Man), knocking him out.

This is when we goluwadvdi (discover) that Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) has had a Manitou agilvvgv (riding) him & he does not aduladi (want) it anymore.

Pinkerton & I anagisdi (go) back to Dodge to ayasdi (search) for this Basil Acob.




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