Deadlands: Dodge City

Braddick Mission File #44

Michael Braddick
Wayne Palmer
Escort shipment to Wichita
Persons of Note:
Ezekial Stafford (purchaser)
Linus (dirigible pilot)
Josiah Borne (dirigible)
Wayne Palmer (Former Pinkerton agent)

Places of Note:

We travel from Paradise to the next town down and pass the wagon train heading to rescue the train accident. We continued on from this town north to Wichita and arrive a couple days later.

We arrive in a healthy town or about 60,000 people. We’re to deliver ghost rock to Ezekial Stafford. A dirigible hangs above the city and has a sign on the side of it that says ‘Free Crow’. After some asking around and some rude town folks we managed to discover that Stafford was on the dirigible and a man by the name of Josiah Borne was working for him. We made arrangements for meeting and after a little bit of haggling we made the exchange of ghost rock.

I hear tale that there was a murder of four Pinkerton agents last night, 2 veterans and 2 newbies. A fifth one wasn’t with them when they were found. All four appeared to be shot in surprise (in the face).

Agent Wayne Palmer is the fifth agent staying at the Orient. Agent Palmer was playing cards with JD and I decide to join him and see if I can discover anything. After a while Agent Palmer is on to the fact that I’m a Pinkerton as well and we leave the game to go discuss things. I ask him about the deaths and he’s a bit dodgy about it in current company so we agree to talk across the street in a few out of ear shot of anyone.

I meet Agent Palmer across the street and he informs me that he knows who murdered the other agents, and it was none other than himself as he pulls a derringer and attempts to shoot me in the face. I let my more savage side take care of him and dispatch him before the police arrive investigating the shots. I have to give a quick statement to the sheriff, but convinced them that it was mostly an internal matter and there would be some new agents arriving to take care of the bodies.

We managed to get a ride back to Dodge City via dirigible as part of the payment for ghost rock. We delivered Jack Carter’s payment to him and that concluded this mission. However it appears that Jack is trying to start a sort of bump in the night investigation team. He feels that a lot of the weird that is happening is centered around Dodge City and wants a team of people to hunt out and figure out what it is. While I don’t see this as illegal it is probably a good idea to keep an eye on the situation to make sure it doesn’t get out of hand.

Assign Agent Braddick permenantly to Dodge City to investigating the happenings of Dodge City and what Former Agent Carter may think is happening here.

I'm Chinese, not some Zoo animal!

We arrive in Witchita, a bustling white-man’s town, to make our delivery to Ezekiel Stafford. While looking for him, I thought I would be helpful and ask around as well. I asked a kind looking woman if she knew where he was, and though I found he was an inventor, she wouldn’t tell me where unless I went “to tea” with her to see her friends. This was odd, because my english isn’t that bad. And then I figured it out; she wanted to put me on display like some kind of zoo animal!!! The outrage! I am Chinese, not some pet monkey! I dress in western clothing to avoid that sort of problem, but white-people continue to surprise me with their racism.

the next day:
we make the delivery, and we take a ride on Ezekiel’s derrigible. I enjoyed that, it was very fun, and watching Jasper’s interaction with his Mule was very entertaining. The man is crazy, but hilarious. When we arrive at Dodge City, I discovered two things: Jack Carter had an encounter with a vampire, which explains his premature aging; and we have been assembled to contest the End of the World. Frankly, I don’t know how we’re going to do that, but I’ll make my master proud.

the next morning:
we discover Indians have kidnapped a young woman. They must have a reason, but I think it’s wrong. Our team will leave to investigate.

Visions of Evil

“Visions of Evil”:

Galihvi Wesa's Fifth Twisted Tale
Coyote is always out there waiting, and Coyote is always hungry.

We get into Wichita just after sunrise. My heart breaks for the loss of my people here. It has only taken the Unegv Asgaya (Whiteman) a short time to erase all traces of my fellow Redman’s origins here. This site was originally a tribal location for the local Wichita Tribe. They would stay here during the summer months. Now they are kept in the ghetto and kept drunk on the Whiteman’s fire water.

I stay behind the wagon, keeping a close look out for anyone that might be interested in our shipment. The crazy Agayvli Asgaya (old man) drives the wagon up to the train depot (there is floating above a machine of the Whiteman’s creation (proving again that they have some very strong magic at their use and showing me my mission even more, written on the side of it is the mysterious phrase “Free Crow”, hmmm), where the Utsasquidi Asgaya (crooked man), the Pinkerton and the Didnasvhusgi (bandit) go inside. I see them talking to a white woman inside behind a counter for quite some time. I don’t know what about. While they’re inside, I notice some white men dressed in similar formal clothes watching our wagon and the Agayvli Asgaya (old man), talking to his mule (he worries me). They come out looking around like they’re looking for something.

I don’t know…

The Pinkerton spots a guhnage (black) man with an incredible mustache (he must be incredibly virile) talking to one of the uniformed men I was watching earlier. The Pinkerton walks over towards them for some reason, it would be nice if they would tell me what they are doing (but I am thinking that this is another method of theirs for controlling the Redman). After some time, the mustached man uses some white magic to communicate with someone on the floating ship and a stairway is lowered down, upon which an old white man walks down. He and the Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) and the Pinkerton get into some kind of discussion about the Anitsasgili Nuya (Ghost Rock (I’m not sure what)).

It is explained to me later that the man with the mustache is Josiah and the old man is Ezekial Stafford (Captain Jack’s buyer for the Anitsasgili Nuya (Ghost Rock)). They are willing to pay us $28,800.00 for our shipment and provide us with transportation back to Dodge City. This confuses me. If they have a ship that can fly such distances so easily, why are they relying on shipments? White-men…

I discover that for me to keep Goga Soquili (Crow Horse), I am going to have to give him some whiteman’s medicine, & not in any way you want to go into… During the night I hear singing & smell some kind of flowery perfume coming from the stables, along with what I think is candle light? I know that the crazy old man likes to sleep with his mule, but…no, he wouldn’t…would he?

The next morning I see the crazy Agayvli Asgaya (old man) walking his mule? (I’m worried now because she has been cleaned, bathed, brushed & I don’t know what else (I hope). Do I smell lavender?). He explains to me, while handing me a large chalky stone, that I’m going to “take care” of my own horse since Betsy gets “jealous”. I am confused. He pulls me aside, away from his mule, and draws me a picture in the dirt about how I’m going to have to give my horse his medicine. Only white men could think up such a backwards way of giving something medicine!

During the trip back to Dodge, I discover that Josiah and his friend (he claims to be a lawyer (whatever that is)) stole the ship from the Confederacy and have been using it for their own means. Ezekial is their most current “job”, paying them to transport him where he wants, in exchange for Anitsasgili Nuya (Ghost Rock).

When we get back to Dodge, we discover that we have a ten mile walk to make to Carter’s ranch, since our livestock are too drugged to take us there. Pinkerton goes into town to get his own soquili (horse) and meets us on the way to Carter’s.

To make a long tale shorter, we get our pay and an offer from jack to help him “fix” the Manatou that have been rising up around here. He seems to think that Dodge City is central to these happenings. If that’s the case, maybe I can find the Nunnehi here, or possibly Andrew Jackson’s secret.

I agree. I am given $500.00 for my share of the Ghost Rock Shipment. I go into town to resupply.

While in town, I decide to go into “Lower Dodge” and take a look around, while there I find a bar called the “War Horse.” This seems to cater to Red-Men. Inside I find watered down liquor and a fat white man enslaving my fellow tribesmen to him. I need to free them from this. Maybe open my own place and direct them differently? I’ll have to see…

J.D. and the letter N.
My kill for the letter N

…………Later on this evening. I purchase the Longbranch bar and establish my base of operations in Dodge City. Unfortunately I can’t afford to hunt to often where I live so Nathan gets to keep his heart. I’m thirsty and since I own the bar now I help myself to some liquor that isn’t laced with opiates. I grab an un-open bottle of McGintys from the customer side of the bar and two shot glasses. I have no intention of sharing it I just hate waiting between shots so I typically take two if I really plan on drinking.

I pour two shots and down them just as quickly. I’m hungry and tired, maybe I should make something in the kitchen. Maybe I should wake someone up to make me something. That isn’t going to happen, not tonight at least. The only person I can call is Nicolette, but she’s entertaining and stealing from Nathan.

…Nicolette… the warm rush from the Irish whiskey rolls up from my loins to the top of my head her name pops back into my head and my dark passenger bats it around like a kitten playing with a ball of yarn. I can feel it inside me, charming and chiding me, appealing to our mutual need. Then it hits me, my hunger is not of a visceral nature more metaphysical. I caught the scent of my next tribute. Her perfume is more of a sweet oil to cover up the natural perspiration accumulated over a long day of whorin and dancing for a wild west town she is a good smelling woman. Unfortunately for Nicolette she has triggered the wrong set of desires.

I look into the mirror across bar from me and for the faintest of moments I can see my dark passenger, old patch leaning over my shoulder patting me on the back assuring me we’re on the right path. If he’s so fucking sure that I should kill this girl then I’ll let him come up with the plan.

“How am I supposed to do it?”

Patch smiles and pours me two shots of McGintys, cause he knows what I like and whispers his fiendish plot in my ear as I pound two more helpings of whiskey in succession.

I cackle and slap the bar.

“You are one insane son of a bitch!”

I pour two more as I contemplate my role in his scheme, but this time instead of leaving both drinks to me my dark passenger grabs one of the shots and proposes a toast. I of course add on to the toast.

“To our continued health.”

Both of our shot glasses hit the bar and I reach in my bag for my partially empty laudanum bottle and fill the bottle of McGinty back up with opium and re-cork it.

Nicolette took Nathan up to room three about an hour ago. She seems like a good girl so even if he’s unconscious she’s going to give him his moneys worth before she steals from him. I use the fact that I’m the new owner to my advantage.
I make my way to door number three and lightly knock so as not to disturb anyone else currently enjoying rooms one through seven. Within a few seconds the door opens a sliver and a tuft of blonde hair, fair skin one green eye is staring at roughly chest level.

“Darlin I am done for the night, but I do appreciate your patience. Comeback tomorrow and I’ll give you a discount.”

She winks, which is a nice touch. The final note of any good seductress is to leave them wanting more. Before she can close it on me I jam my foot in the door.

“My apologies miss. I realize you are off the clock, but seeing how my friend is in there probably passed out and I have purchased the Longhorn and everything contained within…….”

The door opens and she steps back.

“Please come in Mister….”

It’s at this moment I can hear the door to room number four creaking open. I can’t afford to be seen so I jump into the room and slam the door shut. Nicolette feeds off of my nervousness and backs up to the wash basin she was cleaning herself at. We stand staring at each other for at least a minute in the candle lit room with nothing but the clomp of spurred boots walking down the hall and descending the staircase.

“Well, that was weird.”

Nicolette looks spooked. She obviously doesn’t want to be alone with me.

“I’ll just grab my things and go mister.”

She grabs a small bag of toiletries by the wash basin, but most notably a sizeable knife that she doesn’t stuff into the bag, but hides behind her back.

“I just bought the place from Chalkey not ten minutes ago and was hoping to celebrate with my buddy and our new lead lady.”
She takes a couple seconds to digest what I’ve said. I back up the words by pointing to Nathans unconscious body and her.

“Lead lady?”
She doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

“I’m talking about making you the new madam here and take this….”

I pull fifty dollars in tens out of my wallet and hand it over to her.

“… your new clothing and food allowance.”
She sets her bag down by the basin to grab the fifty, but the knife is still hidden and in hand. She clutches the hand full of crisp ten dollar bills.

“What about Sue? She’s the Mistress and she’s been here a real long time.” “We’re changing management, out with the old and in with the new. Now, she can go back to work if she wants or down the road I don’t care. You’re the girl we need here.” Nicolette tears up and exhales unevenly. Her nose is running and she’s having trouble catching her breath. I hear the knife drop behind her back on the counter the basin set on and she slides to the floor with the money firmly held in both hands. “My kids are going to be so happy.”

She looks up to me with those baleful eyes, tears streaming lips sputtering and I realize that this is a dream come true for her. No more laying on her back for strangers, getting slapped around and abused she was now management.

“You have kids?”

She stuffs the money between her breast and wipes off her now running make up with a handkerchief and giggles vibrantly.

“Hah yes! A boy and a girl ages 6 and 2. Cody and Bethany, they spend most of their time with their grandmother at the Huelk Farm in Cash.” I can’t kill her she’s got kids and a momma depending on her. This promotion is one of the best moments of her adult life, I can’t rob her of that. I’m off in my head contemplating the moral implications and she reaches up to retrieve her bag, which contains a rather large hand mirror. It’s almost amusing watching her attempt to reassemble her work face with nothing, but a mirror, spit and a hanky. I honestly can’t help chuckle. “What’s so funny mister?”

She doesn’t even know my name.

“The names Salinger, J. D. Salinger and what’s funny is your face.”

“Oh yeah well you should see yours……”

Nicolette smiles and playfully spins the mirror within inches of my face, not knowing what she is forcing me to confront.

Her laughter echoes through out the room, but fades to the background as patch and I confer in the mirror. To the outside world it seems like a second, but hours of conversation go on in my head. At one point in my life I could have loved a woman like Nicolette, a soiled dove with a heart of gold. She’s tough cause she has to be not cause she wants to and I am quite the opposite. Patch and I spark debate, but I lose and when I come out of our trance I know what has to be done. I start to tune back in at the sounds of her voice.
“…..and I’m going to by my kids a mule. Not for work, just to play with…..”

I leave the mirror up as she still has it in my face and draw my boot knife as quickly as I can and in one grand gesture I push the mirror out of the way with my head, put my left hand over her mouth and slit her throat with my right. My knife is sharp enough that the only splatter of blood is the trail from the exit and that lands on the wall to my right in a large fan. She’s a small woman roughly one hundred and twenty pounds so she should go quickly. After the initial cut her eyes bulge almost out of her head and out of pure instinct she kicks me in the genitals at least twice while I hold her down. The pain would be excruciating if it weren’t exhilarating and to watch the flame in her tear soaked eyes dim as the crimson flood falls freely from the exit point I made in her neck. I don’t think I could love Nicolette, I know I can. I would have raised another mans children with her as though they were my own and taken care of her until the day we perished of old age.

As I resolve my issues with the life I will never get to live, Nicolette stops scratching my face and biting my hand. The blood isn’t flowing as quickly, but her eyes are still aware. She’s getting sluggish, it’ll be over soon, but she’s maintaining eye contact in search of one last human moment.

This is my favorite moment for my prey when they accept what has happened and are almost happy it’s over. Her struggle, pain, the day-to-day hustle of just going forward with life. She seems almost relieved to not have to worry about tomorrow.

Nicolette’s having trouble keeping her eyes open and blood is everywhere. I grab a towel on the dresser and stuff it under the door to keep it from rolling out into the hall.

Nathan groans in his sleep and rolls over on the bed. That is a mistake I cannot afford so I will have to drug him a little bit more before I leave. My shirt and clothes are covered in blood so I start taking off my shirt and pour some water in the basin. Nicolette tugs lightly at my pant.

“I can’t believe you’re still alive, but thanks for the reminder.”

I reach down between her breast and grab my fifty dollars with my clean hand.

“You would have made a fantastic Madame by the way!”

Nicolette takes one last desperate gasp and falls over on top of her bag lifeless.

Honestly those are the good parts and everything else is mundane. The removal of her heart, my re-drugging and framing Nathan, how I exit naked as a jay -bird. How I covered Nathan with her blood and changed boots with him right before I exited through the window so he’s wearing the ones that have been tromping around this room. Or even more boring still how I burned my clothes in the desert later that night.

Braddick Mission File #43


Michael Braddick

Between Dodge City and Wichita

Escort shipment to Wichita

Persons of Note:
J.D. Salinger
Jasper Hornblatt
Wang Peng

Places of Note:


What a mess we got ourselves in now. I went and took a look at that armored beast that took a shot at us. Odd pieces this thing is made of; I think I recognized some of the work from some research I’ve done, Dr. Helstrom. These are some sort of automontons it looks like the pilot was some sort of after dead person. The damn Doctor doesn’t like his stuff pilferd so he blows it up if they suffer a critical failure so there isn’t a whole lot else to look at here.

The crew that I’m working with seems to be alright for the most part. Not the sharpest tacks in the box though. I ran across them trying to hack their way into the top of one of the cars to get a wagon and ghost rock out. Dunno what they were thinking. I just popped the latches holding the roof on and it fell open. It appears as crotchety as that Jasper is he has some skill with tools as he was able to fix up the wagon in quick order.

I talked to the engineers and the jury-rigged some deviced to hack into the telegraph wire. It was going to be at least until tomorrow before help arrived, but we had to get moving quick than that, so we loaded up the wagon and purchased one of the surviving horses and go the hell out of Dodge, sort to speak.

We road most of the night and early that morning we came across the town of Paradise (I think). Seemed a simple enough town and had a train stop in it so I figured it would be a good place to load up on the next train they sent. However it seemed the town was eeirly quiet. Not one to beat around the bush I figured a couple of shots in to the air to see if any response could be found—nothing. Great…I pretty much just starting writing up this mission file right there.

Out of the gate we split up for some reason. JD headed to the stable and the next thing I know he’s firing shots in there. I got to help out and there is a freaking man with a hole in his head standing in front of JD. I fire a shot at him as well, but it sails right through into the wall behind him. Ghosts, or something. Great I haven’t delt with many of those. Its only a matter of time before ghosts are showing up all over the place. Luckily it seemed they were anchored fairly close to their original locations though so they couldn’t go chasing us down the street.

Galihvi managed to make contact with one of the ghosts in the general store. Not sure how he did it but he seemed to say that her lover was murdered by the town folk here because they didn’t take kindly to the stranger taking a liking to her. Well I guess it got all Romeo and Juliet so she killed her self and he came back from the otherside to take his revenge on the towns people. Guess it all worked out for him. It appeared to solve this issue we had to bury the stranger with some proper procedures.

You ever see an mountain of fire ants turn into a man like creature and attack you? I have and it wasn’t much pretty that’s for sure. This guy kept coming too. We’d blast one ‘Ant-man’ down and a few seconds later he’d gather up a pack and be at it again. All we were trying to do was get his body for properly burial, but I guess he wasn’t interested. Galihvi and the Boca worked on uncovering the body that was hastily buried up on the hill while JD and I high tailed it down behind the church to work on digging a decent grave and work we did. We could of put anyone on a chain gang to shame as we dug the fastest grave every known.

We toss the bones in there, and that crazy Jasper throws some salt and oil and burns them down as well, not sure where he got that crazy idea at, but whatever. In the end we get him nice and buried say a few nice things and poof, no more ghosts. I hate ghosts, anything but ghosts really. Creepy.

Galihvi Wesa's Fourth Twisted Tale
All Who Have Died Are Equal

Ageyutsa (girl) and me tear apart the roof of the Soquili Atsododi (Horse Car) to get my horse out. Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) only stands there telling us hilago (how) to do what we already do. I do not adanvtesgv (think) he has ever done anything this nulinigvgv (physical) in many seasons. He then decides to use an ayvdaqualosgv ganasda (thunder stick) to open the roof faster. When he turns away to gvgeyui (love) his digaliyanvhidv (donkey), “Betsy.” I throw the ayvdaqualosgv ganasda (thunder stick)out through the tsolanv (window). After this the Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) stands there yelling at me about gohusdi (something).

We get the roof opened soon enough. As “Betsy” is going through the atalesv (hole), I slap her good to “spook” her. She takes off only a squalai (short) distance, she apparently tsigeyua (loves) the Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) too, hmm…

When I get out of the Soquili Atsododi (Horse Car) with Goga Soquili and the other soquili, I awadvdi (find) the Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) and Ageyutsa (Girl) at the asquanigododi atsododi (storage car). They have duniyv (hold) of our anitsasgili nvya (ghost rock). We decide to get the Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) daqualelu (wagon) to carry it in. We set to asduisgv (opening) the atsododi (car) that holds it. The “Pinkerton” asgaya (man) surprises all of us by undoing the latches duniyvsv (holding) the roof. We get the daqualelu (wagon) out soon after this and the Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) repairs the damages done to it.

While he is repairing his daqualelu (wagon), I am riding ungatodi (lookout), when I hear my name called. I turn around and see a flash of bright light. I see Ageyutsa (Girl) holding some kind of Unegvanisgaya Udelidvgvdiadvnelvdi (Whiteman’s magic) box. I shoot it and tell him that he did not adadvdodi (ask) for my unelagielisvi (permission). Again, while I am helping with the akalii (load) of anitsasgili nvya (ghost rock), I discover that the Agayvli Asgaya (Old Man) has tied Goga Soquili to his daqualelu (wagon), without my unelagielisvi (permission). I cut Goga Soquili loose.

That is unelanvuwotlvnv (nature) of white man. They agisdi (take) without unelagielisvi (permission) and if they are ganiyvdv (caught) doing so, then they ask for it with a smile on their ukadv (face). I allow it because I uwohiyu (believe) this is only way to complete getsinvsida (mission).

We leave for the next town, traveling throughout the night. At dawn, we come to small town with no name. We go to the digatsanula ulewisdi (train station) and find it empty. That is when we adanohisehi (notice) that there is no dunoyvgv (sounds) of life in whole town. I see Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) go up street into stables, I asdawadvsdi (follow). As I am going up to stable, I advgi (hear) gunshot come from inside. I pull Ayvdaqualosgv and Anagalisgv and enter. I see Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) in fight with another. The other was an anitsasgili (ghost) and Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) was shooting at him with guns. It asquanigohisdi (surprises) me how powerfully stupid unegvasgaya (whiteman) is. You cannot shoot spirits, you have to be a Galvquodiyu Asgaya (Holy Man) to send them away. I grab him by his shirt and pull him away and the anitsasgili (ghost) asdawadvsdi (follow), when we get outside, the anitsasgili (ghost) stops.

We go back to the daqualelu (wagon) and talk to the others. As they are talking, I see a ageyv (woman) waving for me. I go. When I get to the building, I go inside, again I pull Ayvdaqualosgv and Anagalisgv and enter. I see a unegv ageyv (white woman). When she opens her mouth to talk to me, I see the wall behind her head. She is another anitsasgili (ghost). Only she is not attacking me…She seems to be trying to gawonisgv (talk) to me. I am able to golisdi (understand) that she is the cause of all of the evil spirits here. She fell in gvgeyui (love) with a nagoligvna (stranger). Some of the local asgaya (men) took offense to this and dikanelv (tied) him down to a atsilv dosvdali (fire ant) hill. This killed him.

This caused the ageyusta (girl) killed herself in uyoayelvdi (grief).

He came back and killed his dinidanuwi (enemies).

The ageyusta (girl) tells me to end this usonvi (evil), I need to bury her nagoligvna (stranger). Not just leaving him for animals to eat. I ask her where her nagoligvna (stranger) lies. She points off towards the other end of town. When I turn around, I see Utsasquidi Asgaya (Crooked Man) standing there. I explain to him what we uduladi (need) to do. I go outside and look into the direction the ageyusta (girl) showed. I see an agayvli (old) twisted tlugv (tree). I go towards it.

As I am going there, I see a aninohilidohv (swarm) of atsilv dosvdali (fire ants) form up into a man. I tell him I am here to put him to atsawesolvsdodi (rest). He lets me pass. When I get up to the tlugv (tree), I awadvdi (find) a stone pile, I start to uncover it as fast as I can. Obviously the others did not get the nagoligvna (stranger) unelagielisvi (permission), because he attacks them while I am digging up his remains.

I take his remains with Ageyusta’s (Girl’s) help down to the church yard to give it a unegvasgaya (whiteman’s) burial. The others eventually are able to give him the didolagi (proper) burial. Somehow involving salt, oil and galvquodiyu (holy) words… I do not golisdi (understand) unegv (white) people.

Braddick Mission File #42

Closed (Pending)

Michael Braddick

Dodge City

Investigate reason of Agent’s abrupted resignation.

Persons of Note:
Jack Carter
J.D. Salinger
Jasper Hornblatt
Wang Peng
Katherin Baker

Places of Note:

Upon reaching Dodge City I was told that I was expected at the saloon. This was odd since I didn’t know anyone knew I was coming. When I walked into the saloon I was surprised to see Jack Carter there as well. It appears he would be the agent that I was here to get an explination from.

After some catch up it appeared that Jack was tired of the Agent life and was looking to retire. He was a business man now and just wanted to concentrate on that. I was skeptical until I found out the real reason of his resignation. It appeared that Jack was getting married. I guess I had my answer.

Jack said he was expecting another person for a job he had lined up and offered to hire me for an escort shipment of ghost rock he had. Since I was an Agent I had no qualms being hired to escort his shipment. He had quite the motley crew assembled for it too; a Cherokee Indian, a chinaman, a card hustler, a mexican and some crazy guy and his mule, Betsy.

The escort job was just a quick ride to Wichita. The majority of the train ride was uneventful until the world turned upside down and the sound of metal twisting and breaking as the train derailed and the cars threw themselves from the track. I managed to get my feet under me and climbed outside the overturned car. I begin to help people get out of the car. In the distance it looked like part of the train cars and flew out there as well at least thats what I thought until it started shooting at us.

My team members turned out to be quite capable as we returned fire on the firing machine. The chinaman seemed to be quite adept at some sort of hand to hand combat. His hands must of been made of iron as well as he punched the machine with his bare hands. The others seemed to be quite capable marksman even managing to shoot off the firing hands of the machine. In the end we were able to put it down and it blew apart in a firing explosion.

We managed to find the location of the derailment afterwards and could see that the tracks and been shot apart to cause the train to jump the tracks.

Braddick Mission File #1

Jack Carter
Michael Braddick

Colorado Springs

Investigate reports of unnatural deaths and attacks on farms in the surrounding Colorado Springs area.

Persons of Note:

Sheriff <name>
Widow Clanton
Daughter Clanton

Places of Note:
Clanton Farm

I arrived in Colorado Springs with my partner Jack Carter. As this was my first mission he was here to help oversee and advise. We had received reports of some unnatural attacks on farms and lives stocks in the surrounding area of the town. Upon reaching the town we visited the Sheriff’s office to see what additional information we could uncover. The reports had told us that the attacks had been mostly centered on the Clanton farm along with some farms surrounding it. The nearest we could tell was the attacks happened every 3 weeks or so and we were coming up on that date again. We decided to begin our investigation with the Clanton’s farm.

Widow Clanton was understandably skeptical at our presence wondering why Agents would take any interest in her or her problems. She was still greaving for the loss of her husband and sons. Only her and her young daughter were left. The pervious month she lost a barn full of livestock that was still decaying in stink. Claw marks on the inside of the barn indicated that something was locked in trying to get out, but we were unsure of what. It could of been bear, but we were unsure what could of caused it to act like this or how it got inside the barn. Widow Clanton said she had no idea of anyone that would want to hurt her or her family.

Jack and I suggested that since the times of the attacks seemed to be happening on a timed pattern and that time was near that we would camp out near the farm just incase something happened soon. On the way to make camp Jack asked me if I noticed that the widow and daughter were lying to us. I hesitently admitted that I didn’t notice, but he wouldn’t elaborate on what he thought they might be hiding.

Sometime during the night we heard a scream coming from the farm. We quickly mounted up on our horses and started riding towards the farm. We soon saw a four-legged figure bounding our way from the farmhouse. I started taking shots at with my pistols, but even though I was nailing every shot the creature didn’t even seem to slow down. Eventually we reached eachother and the creature leaped at me taking me from my horse. It was vicious and still hard to see in the dark. I fired several shots at it with my hand cannon, but still could not bring the creature down. Jack yelled to me to use silver, but I had no silver on me. The creature tore into me and I started to see the darkness take over me Jack managed to finally put the beast down.

Afterwards we had discovered that the Daughter had been turned into some kind of changling beast and was the one responsible for the attacks. That night she finally killed her mother and we were the nearest other targets. Jack had run into these wolf creatures before and knew their weakness. Luckly my wounds would heal and I would make a full recovery.

Galihvi Wesa's Third Twisted Tale
Rain Falls on the Just and Unjust

Galihvi’s Third Twisted Tale

Captain Carter tells me he aduliha (wants) to hire me and the anisoi (others) to work for him. His igvyi (first) task for us is to ahiyvsdi (transport) a case of anitsasgili nyva (ghost rock) to Wichita. We decide it’s ahidige (easier) to move it by digatsanula (train) rather than by daqualelu (wagon). The utsasquidi asgaya (bent man) from Virginia seems usgasdanelvgi (scared) of my anadanvtli (brothers) in the Coyote Confederacy. I do not onadv (know) why…

We make ditlilosdodi (plans). I kaneisdodi (suggest) that we get on the digatsanula (train) separately, that way we can adisgalodi (hide) how many of us are in our unadatlisahv (group). As I leave Dodge City, I stop at the Didaniyisgi (Marshal) house to get Ayvdaqualosgv (Thunder), Anagalisgv (Lightning) and Ayohuhisdi nidvlenvda Inv (Death from Far). The Didaniyisgi (Marshal) seems sad. I realize that he must have been tsunalii (friends) with the man shot earlier at the Ganvhida Uwanigalv (Long Branch). I try to kanegv (speak) to him about my sympathy. I take Goga Soquili (Crow Horse) and ride all night to the next digatsanula (train) stop.

I get on the train the next iga (day). I am tsuyawetsvhi (tired). I see the China man sitting in a back car. I enter the same car and adagasesdodinigesvna (ignore) him. I start to walk around the cars as much as I can. Sadly, I do not see the digatilvsdi (attack) when it comes.

The Elohi (world) explodes. I am knocked over when the digatsanula (train) is turned on its side. When I get up and out of the car, I only agowadvdi (see) broken cars scattered across the land. I take an agagasesdi (watching) place to look for where the tsosdidanuwi (enemy) is. I can not agowadvdi (see) them. It is interesting how an udasegatsedi (accident)will even out all peoples. As my elders say “rain falls on the just and unjust.” I am asquanigosv (surprised) when one of the broken cars stands up and digatilvsdi (attack) the passengers.

I take geyatahi (careful) aim at the gotlvnvdodi (machine) arm and its gun. It breaks. It tries to shoot me and all the other peoples here. I continue to aim. I shoot the other arm, but do not do much harm. The didanasvhusgi (bandit) and the dalonige asgaya (yellow man) both continue their digatilvsdi (attack). All of them seem to do enough damage to cause it to explode, now we uduladi (need) to figure out how to continue our visvi (journey).


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