Deadlands: Dodge City

Gettysburg Prayer

Why the Troops where not inspired By Jasper’s pre-battle Prayer…

Gettysburg Prayer

Wang Peng's point of view

(imagine that the following is in Chinese. I don’t know enough to actually write it in chinese yet)

Today I met Jack Carter for the second time. When I met him in Shan Fan, he seemed calm and healthy, but the years haven’t been kind to him. He looks very old now. It seems that I am not the only recruit, because I met five other men with many talents. When Jack first extended his invitation, I thought he meant to fight supernatural enemies, like the ghosts I fought. I was surprised to learn he wanted me and these other men to escort ghost-rock. I am familiar with ghost-rock, but I was never able to get very close to it. In Shan Fan it is closely guarded by the gangs that work there. I was pleased to finally see what ghost-rock feels like and looks like. It reminds me of granite, and has an odd smell.

I continue to be suprised at american diversity. It is suprising their civilization has lasted this long without a confucian idealogy. My english is limited, so I only understand some of what goes on in this country, but I try. I am also pleased to be accepted with neutral, even friendly, feelings by this group of men. I have rarely been accepted for who I am, even among my own people.

(the next day)
Our job is not going very well. What I thought was a simple escort and delivery has turned deadly. I should have known better. Why else would men like us be hired? The Machine that derailed our train was dangerous, but it had vulnerable points. Thanks to the instruction and training my teacher gave me, I endured the fight without injury, and made excellent use of hadouken. It is satisfying to break something made by man and industry with my very thoughts and qi.

Our journey continues on foot and hoof.

Betsy's Tale

What I wanna know why dem Damn Yankees would whana take Betsy’s gun. What they think she gonna do whet it? She ain’t got no Thumbs. Lord Know dem Damn Yankees got no sense… but disarm’n a mule!
How is it we ain’t won dis war yet?

Galihvi Wesa's Second Twisted Tale
Talk, talk, talk.

Galihvi Wesa; Personal Journal

Preacher Jenkins tells me I need to Alisinahisdodi (practice) my white alitsadodi (speech). He says scribing it will help. I am not knowledgeable how. Chief Ganolvsgiagasgi Goga (Storm Crow) wants me to write what happens too.

One sunadodaquasdi (week) after Preacher Jenkins udanelv (gave) me the gilonidayunvnvgoweli (letter) from the Ayvwiya Nidunadvnelidolv Soldier (Indian Affairs), Jack Carter. He aduliha (wants) me to edolidohv (travel) to Dodge Town in Kansas to ditlohisdi (meet) with him there. Chief Ganolvsgiagasgi Goga says to go and ditlohisdi (meet) with him and agowadvdi (see) what he aduliha (wants). I go.

Along the usdiganvnv (trail) I wuliyilolv (eventually) get a brother traveler, Boca ( I name him “Asgaya” because he talks like a little girl, all of the time). I can not understand what he is talking about most of the time. He just talks and talks and talks… I even adanvtesgv (think) his digaliyanvhidv (donkey) wishes it had smaller ears, I know I do.

We get to Dodge Town on a Tuesday. There is a soldier in guhnage (black) clothes. He tells us we have to adanvsdi (leave) our guns with him. I leave him Ayvdaqualosgv (Thunder), Anagalisgv (Lightning) and Ayohuhisdi Nidvlenvda Inv (Death from Far). He adanedi (give) me tsoi (three) coins, hisgi (five), talasgohi Saquu (twenty one) and Tsosgohi Nvgi (Thirty Four). I ask him if he knows Captain Jack Carter, he says “yes” and that he can be awadvdi (found) at a tsunaditasdi (saloon) dagovgi (named) “Long Branch.” When I say the name “Jack Carter”, this makes Asgaya usgasdanelv (excited) or utsoasetanv (confused). At first he seems to think my dudov (name) is Jack Carter, after a very ganvhida (long) talk to clear up the utsoasedi (confusion), we go to find the Long Branch.

When we get there Asgaya buys us two aditasdi (drink) he calls tequila? Asique (again) more utsoasedi (confusion). I do not understand it. The fire water tastes uyoi (bad). The asgaya (man) at the bar tells us that Jack Carter comes into the Long Branch many itsuwakodi (times) a day. I stay standing at the bar to agatidisdi (wait). I agowadvdi (see) many people in the saloon. There is a asegi (strange) group of people sitting at a game table; a Pawnee, a Chinese woman (madam), a Black man, a White Preacher and another White Businessman. They do not seem to be dananelohvsgv (playing), more gawonisgv (talking) than dananelohvsgv (playing).

There is also tali (two) white men dananelohvsgv (playing) “Faro.” Saquu (one) of them gets mad and leaves after some uyoi (bad) words…

Later in the iga (day), Jack Carter came into the Long Branch, he uwolatsv (recognized) both of us! He said “Boca!” and “Galihvi!” I did not know that Asgaya knew Jack Carter, hmm this could be something… Just after this there was a equa unoyvgv (big sound) behind us. I turned and saw the uhahnalv (angry) man from earlier standing outside of the broken front window holding a shotgun yelling into the saloon. Asgaya ran out the front window to attack the man. I dulitadinvsv (jumped) over the bar and found a shotgun there, when I turned back to the front of the bar, I agowadvdi (see) Asgaya beating the uhahnalv (angry) man.

After this the barman yells out to someone to “tell Masterson that Wyatt’s been shot!” Apparently Wyatt was the Faro dealer… Then an Old Man, a China Man and a “Dandy walk into a bar…"

Galihvi Wesa's First Twisted Tale

Galihvi Wesa was “asked” by his chief to help fight off a war party that had been making attacks against his people. He was partnered with his childhood rival Dalonige Soquili (Yellow Horse). Unfortunately these two had been rivals since their coming of age ceremonies. They both chose different paths, one traditional, the other more modern. This conflict also mirrored other issues they had with each other. Chandrika.

Chandrika was the daughter of the tribes most skillful hunter, Atul. All thre of them grew up happily in their tribe. It wasn’t until their twelfth spring, when Chandrika was abducted by U`tlûñ’ta (Spearfinger). This was to set in motion a precedent, where the two boys were pitted against each other in what should have been a common goal. Galihvi was the one to find Chandrika, dead at the hands of the dread ogress. Dalonge and Atul both blamed her death on him (mainly beacuse they were both traditionalists and didn’t approve of his modern ways).

Galihvi spent the next four years in seclusion within his tribe. His only allies were the Chief Dhiren, his own mother Hala and his uncle Chinmay. It wasn’t until his sixteenth year when he was charged with fending off attacks by a rival tribes war party. Again he and Dalonige Soquili were teamed up with each other to eradicate these attackers!

As they headed away from their tribe, they found themselves in the company of Wayaha (Coyote). As usual, Wayaha lead the two youths on a wild and chaotic chase across the countryside. Eventually finding themselves far away from familiar territories and deep in enemy lands. In the middle of the night, under a moonless sky, they find an illuminated arroyo giving off a hellish light!

Galihvi got off of his horse and snuck up quietly to the top of the lit arroyo. Dalonige decided to go and “count coup.” This ended up providing an excellent distraction for him. He sees down into the bottom of the arroyo, that there is a camp site set up there with a huge bonfire burning there with something foul cooking over it… While looking down into the camp, he saw that there were three enemy tribesmen firing off down the arroyo canyon floor. Most probably at Dalonige!

When Galihvi saw this, he opened fire upon the enemy braves below. He quickly shot and killed two of them, the third was another story… After he had dispatched the braves, he went down into the camp to see if his rival was still alive or not. He quickly discovered Dalonige’s bullet riddled body along the arroyo floor as he’s going into the camp. When he gets into the camp and discovers something else entirely. The enemy braves had been cooking a human carcass over the fire and consuming it. In doing this, they were able to acquire greater powers, along with madness. It was during the inspection of the slain braves that he discovered some of their superhuman powers.

It was when he was inspecting the brave he had had to shoot three times just to put him down that he discovered that he wasn’t dead! The brave attacked him and he found himself in a life and death conflict with the dead brave. He was heald in a death hold on the brave, trying to stave off his attack, when the enemy brave’s head was shot in half by someone up above! After which, there came a yell from above telling him to “hold down the brave.” He did.

A few minutes later, a white soldier from Indian Affairs appeared in the campsite, carrying a strange collection of equipment, a small black cauldron amongst it. When this soldier got there, he went directly to the campfire and started cooking “something” in it. He would later discover that it was tallow. After it had been “cooked”, he brought it over to the “dead” brave that Galihvi still held down. As soon as the soldier approaches with the tallow, the dead brave “wakes up” and proceeds to fight again against his being held down.

After this, the soldier introduces himself as Captain Jack Carter.


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