Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi's Epilogue
Sometimes you get and sometimes you get got.

To the Editor of the Wichita Eagle, my name was Gahlivi Wesa. I was the person your reporter Mary Carson interviewed in 1876 concerning all of the strange happenings in Dodge City. I regret causing her demise by telling her my story, but it had to be told & she was willing to tell it.

After all that happened in Dodge, I married Meredith Atkins, settled down, & put up my guns (to live peacefully with her & her people). We were happy for five years & were starting our own family. My horse ranch was beginning to become successful. Then the Pinkertons came.

I returned from finding some wild horses for breeding & sale, when I came to my old ranch burning. Meredith & her father were dead in the front yard. Their bodies had been riddled with .45’s, yet there were only tracks from two white men. Why would two white men use so many bullets to kill two Quakers? Maybe they were afraid that these two were very dangerous? Or that they had dangerous friends?

I went out to my sweat lodge & retrieved my guns from where I’d buried them & then preformed a Booger Ceremony to ensure their demise. The next morning I went into Lower Dodge to the Mustang, to settle up my accounts there. Problem is, They surprised me there. When I went into the bar, I found Dancing Bear hung up from the rafters of the main room, swaying in the slight breeze of the early morning. He had been dead for several hours, probably hung last night after they’d killed my Meredith. They were probably expectin’ me to come here right away & were confused when I didn’. Sittin’ about the main room were six Pinkertons, all armed & waitin’.

I was able to kill three of them in the gunfight that followed, but there were another six hidden outside in the Crazy Old Man’s old soup kitchen. When I came to, I found myself sittin’ on a horse tied & ready to be hung outside my bar. Spread out about me were at least a hundred citizens of Dodge, most of them callin’ out fer my blood, even my business partner “Miss Kate.”

All of the other “Irregulars” had left some time before all of this. Crooked Man had gone back to his Virginia & his family. Pinkerton had returned to duty in the north immediately after our killin’ War, he claimed he was “re-assigned.” Boca returned to Mexico After some kind of shoot out with a China man in Dodge with Walter shortly after (he said something about the Oregon territories). The Crazy Old Man died a couple of years (1878) later to the white man’s lung disease. So I was left to continue my life on my own.

When the crowd had gotten pretty ugly chantin’ fer my blood, the Pinkertons finally slapped the horse I was sittin’ on & lynched me there in front of my place…

I “awoke” some time later, close as I can figger it was ‘about one year later, in an unmarked grave outside of town. Kicks-A-Lot was waitin’ fer me. We went into town & found the Mustang had been renamed back to the Warhorse. I walked in to find my guns displayed behind the bar as some kind of attraction. The bar-keep was chargin’ 50 cents to handle my peacemakers, a dollar fer my sharps, & five fer my Henry (this one seemed to scare most people with China Doll’s picture laminated to the stock & her scalp hangin’ from it). I killed the bar-keep with my bare hands & took my belongin’s back. Me & Kicks-a-lot then rode up into upper Dodge to the Longbranch, to see what was happening there. On the way I spotted my tomahawk held in a cigar store indian’s wooden grip outside of what used to be Hoover’s Liquor & Cigars. I took it & then set fire to it too.

I found Miss Kate there havin’ her breakfast, sittin’ at the old poker table with four other people, talkin’ about events in Dodge. When I walked in, the conversation stopped. I was able to find out from Kate that the pinkerton agency had sent agents into Dodge specifically to clarify all of the stories that had come out of here durin’ our time. By “clarify” she meant that they were able to somehow clear people’s memories of specific events, or just make people disappear (or in my case bury).

So I went up to Chicago & got a hold of the agents involved with “closing” this case & have spent the last ten years collectin’ scalps. You may have gotten reports of Pinkertons dying by Indian hands (because of the scalping (I now have 32)), but I can’t say I’m of the people anymore. What sets me apart is I’m pretty sure that the agency has somekind of spiritual protection, so I use silver bullets that’re blessed by various faiths to kill them better with.

So now I’m sittin’ outside a Shan-Fran warehouse/Dojo, watchin’ an old firend live his life in bliss. I’ve seen a couple of pale-faces pokin’ around the neighborhood, askin’ questions like they own the place. Lucky fer me, here there aren’t too many pale-faces & there are more of my people doin’ trade with the yellow-man. We’ll have to wait & see when they make their move (I think I’ll have a smoke in the mean time)…


Wang Peng, Epilogue

We finally did it. We destroyed Oblivion, and then the Horseman War. I regret not remembering the night prior to the defeat of War, but as a team we were victorious. Looking around Jack’s ranch, I can’t help but feel a little less lonely.

We celebrate at the Long Branch, and much booze is consumed. The next day, with a hangover and a sense of accomplishment, we vote for the future of Dodge City. The vote results come, and the decision is without out a doubt to remain neutral.

The rest of the week is routine. I break up some fights, throw some people in jail for a few days, look for a someone’s lost child. The kid was out hunting; I find the kid riding back to town several dead animals in tow. He had a stern talking-to, but was otherwise a source of pride for his family.

On my return to the Long Branch on Friday, a Chinese man bars my path on the road, in front of the Long Branch. He is tall (much taller than me), tattoos covering every part of his body, a large sword sheathed at his side.
“I am here to collect on your bounty, and clear our honor!” he says. With an inward grimace I prepare myself for a great battle as he rushes toward me, sword drawn. I dodge, parry, strike vital points, but he is much more powerful. I don’t know how much longer I can outlast him.

So I decide to gamble. I trip him, throw him on his back, and tumble away. As I land on my feat, I fire both rounds from my scattergun. They aren’t effective, but as I throw the gun down and prepare for the final assault, I know that the real purpose was served: to signal Boca and his Banditos to come to my aid.

“you are a coward, and you will die a coward!” he shouts as he jumps nimbly to his feet, once more rushing toward me. But this time I’m ready: I draw from deep within myself and throw blinding bolts of energy at him. He stumbles, but keeps coming. And just as he closes the distance, raising his sword, a hail of bullets erupts from the Long Branch. 9 pairs of pistols and Boca’s Shotgun belch fire and lead into his body. As he struggles to breath, I grasp his sword and bring it down into his heart with one swift stroke.

I turn to Boca, “Thanks, that was right on time.”
Disbelievingly, Boca says “that was it, some guy with a sword?”
“well, yeah. But he was their best, so I am confident no more will come for me.”
“Than that calls for a drink! Woo!” We enter the Long Branch together and celebrate our good fortune.

The rest of the week goes much as any other week, but I begin to see more strange looks being sent my way, no doubt because of my supernatural powers. I decide it’s time to leave, so I turn in my badge, say farewell to my friends, and set out west with a horse and plenty of supplies.

I don’t know where my journey will end, but I’ve heard some good things about the Oregon Territories, so maybe I’ll go that way. Or not. I simply feel it’s time to wander again.

Walter, Zombie Slayer

With the strange things going on, we visit Jack, but find him unconscious, bleeding from ears and nose. We find many papers and graphs and drawings. Jack has been connecting a vast web of conspiracy and an underlying master plan on the part of the Horsemen. The working theory is that the Horsemen are actively attempting to bring the apocolypse by putting plans in action specific to each of them and associated with the Seven Deadly sins. The graph is almost complete, but we have work to do. Even with a Horseman dead (banished?) their plans still act out.

This is where things become a little more disturbing: Ketchum has been serving human meat under the guise of pork. I panic, thinking I will become Wendigo, but we conclude that two servings aren’t enough to curse someone. But the rest of the town isn’t so lucky, and the best course of action is to ween them off of it. There was also the case of possible werewolf attacks, but we aren’t sure what to do with that yet.

Boca and Jasper take Jack to see the doctor, and I go with Bradick and JD to confront Ketchum.
Before we reach Ketchum’s, we are attacked by undead! Zombies! During the conflict, JD discovers Myra is the Horseman of Famine, and he enters a duel. She casts a spell that puts a blanket of darkness around us, but I dispel the effect it has on me, and together JD and I are able to put her down, while a group of familiar werewolf Pinkertons arrive to fight off the zombies. As Myra is defeated, Jasper praises Jesus and all of the zombies drop dead (again). But did they drop because Jasper praised Jesus, or because they required the living presence of Myra? I’m inclined to believe both were required. As we catch our breath, we know there is one left: the Horseman of War, and I’m pretty sure it is Grey Wolf, former member of the poker group, who departed with the Indians.

Galihvi Wesa's 25th Twisted Tale
When you climb into the saddle, you'd better be prepared to ride.


I leave the Marshall’s to go find a local solicitor to look into how burning the deeds to all of the properties in Dodge would affect the town. He tells me (after taking $20.00) that the only people who’d benefit would be a wealthy person (or organization) trying to take over the area, like a railroad company. He says that this could be a means of confusing the local population, or just causing more conflict?

I also ask him about the state of Lower Dodge & the properties there? He tells me that all of the land there is technically owned by the bank & that it hasn’t even been subdivided (whatever that means) yet.

I then go about town looking for the woman reporter. I get a lot of blank stares & not much help. They seem to be unwilling to help me (probably because I’m suspected of killing whites). Finally a Freeman tells me that he’s seen her at the Dodge House. I find that she’s also been asking about the Crazy Old Man’s preaching about his apocalypse. When I get to the Dodge House, I find her walking back & forth before a second story window. I settle into a good hiding spot across the street, I’ll wait for her to go to sleep so I’ll sneak in & have a talk with her about what she’s doing here. It starts to rain while I’m waiting, really hard.

After some time passes, I hear Boca walking around calling for me. So I sneak up on him & ask him why? He tells me that the Irregulars are wanting to talk to Dancing Bear. They have some questions about the Wendigo & how to stop it. He tells me that this Ketchum’s place is serving “Long Pork” to people & is slowly turning the population into Wendigo.. So we go & meet up with Pinkerton & I ride out to my place to get Dancing Bear.

After I get him, we race back to town because I’m thinking something bad is coming our way very soon. We get back to the Marshall’s office & I find all of the Irregulars are gathered there.

They all talk together for a while & I have difficulty following it. But they seem to split up the different tasks. I get asked to locate the source of Ketchum’s meat.

When I get outside in the rain, I get attacked by zombies! There’s a lot of confusion & darkness spreads out covering a lot of the area. I can see that there’s hundreds of people shambling around here. I kill a couple of zombies & climb up onto a rooftop. At the far end of town, six pinkertons ride onto the main street & start shooting zombies all around them. Suddenly the Crazy Old Man does some kind of holy prayer & kills all of the zombies & saves the day!

Walter hires a bodyguard

Fortunately, only 3 people died from the explosion in the tents. Ghost rock powered devices begin exploding for no reason, but Bradick is able to detect grimlins. Jasper says “praise Jesus” and suddenly we can see thousands crawling all over a little boy and then they scatter. We open fire, killing many of them. I think that’s the first time I used a gun since I came to Dodge city. After helping a little more at the soup kitchen bandaging wounds, I head to the Marshall’s office while Bradick and Jasper head to Doc Holiday. I later discover they encountered a patchwork man, whatever that is.

At the marshall’s office, I see Boca and two of his bandito friends looking through my bounty board, and one of them shows a bounty to Boca, who looks at it carefully before looking at me with the greediest and widest smile I’ve ever seen on his face before. He strikes at me, trying to knock me out, but I easily knock him out as well as the other mexican, while Ghaleevi shows up just in time to detain the other with his lasso. When Boca wakes up, we strike a deal: I pay him $800 and he not only forgets the bounty on me, but will also act as a bodyguard when the hitman comes looking for me. It’s a deal!

After that, we head to Ketchum’s for dinner, and we both eat some very good sweet-ribs before I retire for the evening.

Galihvi Wesa's 24th Twisted Tale

Frankenstein monster1

When I get to the Lafayette Ranch, I find Amber Lynn Lafayette out riding on a fine horse. I accidentally scare her when I ask for the “friends.” She understands who I’m asking for & calls for Marcus. He appears from a nearby barn. I explain to him the reasons for my visit, he takes off running across the field towards a far off barn. I ride up to him & swing him up onto my horse, so that he can get there faster.

We get to the barn, we find Meredith with an automaton milking cows. Marcus gets her away from the contraption & then gets it to move off into an empty field. He then tells me that he’ll have to explain all of this to Mr. Lafayette, & they’ll have to send a runner into town to check out the story.

I end up accompanying Marcus into Dodge. After we get there, I head over to the Marshall’s office & discover a bandito running out of it to a nearby horse looking for something. I also see Boca & Walter fighting each other inside the office. So I lasso the bandito, since I figure he’s ganging up on one of the two inside (possibly Boca), & tell him to stay put. When I look back inside, I see Walter knock Boca down & then I see another bandito (man these guys are everywhere!) try to shoot Walter, so I step inside & scare him off (since I also figure that this is a fist fight). After they do some knocking round for a bit & finally settle down. I leave for the telegraph office. Marcus tells me that he’s going over to Ketchum’s to ask about the automatons there.

At the telegraph office, I send a message back east, north & south letting them know that I’m looking to hire musicians & dancehall girls for the Mustang.

On my way back from there, I find Pinkerton leading a second horse with Holliday tied up & draped over it. They tell me that he’s been doing “unnatural things” out at my ranch, so I ride & get Dancing Bear & hurry out to my place to do a cleansing ceremony there. There I find a pile of ashes out back of my house & buried in the ashes is some kind of book…

I’m able to pull the book out of the ashes (without touching it) & slip it into a sack & take it back into town, to the Crooked Man, as fast as I can (because I don’t want this near me or my place any longer than I have to). I find him at the Marshall’s Office with Pinkerton. I toss him the sack & explain where & how I found it.

Crooked Man does some of his magic on the book & tells us that it’s a “manual” ( I think I know a Manual & his brother, they own a corral in Lower Dodge), on building a “patchwork man.” He also mentions something about Pinkerton “missing some time.” Whatever that means…

I follow them into the office & watch them talk to the Preacher they’ve got locked up there. I don’t understand what they talk about (it’s very confusing), but eventually they let the Preacher out of his cell & then the Crooked Man locks himself in the cell! Huh? Did I miss something? Is this somekind of law they have? Exchanging people imprisoned?

Walter The Cynic

The day starts like many others, except that there are 2 horsemen left… and a Chinese man burning himself in the townsquare. This is bizarre, and a journalist we’ve seen before says the man was burning himself to protest the killing of men at the Opium Den in the teams final assualt on China Doll. Apparently, she created a cult of death, based on the hebrew tattoos on the burned man’s back depicting passages from the Book of Revelations. I don’t really get the allure of that book among Christians. I find it appears more like a bad dream like the author was smoking too much opium. I try to convince the Chinese that this so-called “peaceful protest” will do nothing but kill them: the americans don’t care at all, it’s just a nuisance to them and only bring death. My arguments fall on deaf ears. I wash my hands of their foolishness. I am now an outsider to Chinese and Americans, so I am sad, but we’ve made our choices. I also discover that China Doll summoned bounty hunters from Shan Fan to collect my head. Not something I look forward to, but my team took the news fairly well, probably because I said it would be more of a duel and they would end up more as an audience while I break the would-be kung fu master’s head with my fists. With nothing left to do or say, I go with Jasper to help at the soup kitchen. Maybe helping the poor will keep my mind busy.

Jasper turns the gathering into a fervant sermon, punctuated by timely explosions in the city, which I later find were exploding automatons. Jasper is very inspiring, but I with-hold further judgement until I see where this is going. Boca tries to make me kneel like the other people. Apparently, Jasper is now some kind of prophet. A crazy one, but I guess that happens, if the Book of Revelations is any representation. The town is afraid now, not really inspired, against the evil coming our way. The rest of us will have to run interferance for Jasper if we want to prevent any more riots like we’ve seen before.

This is getting rediculous.

Galihvi Wesa's 23rd Twisted Tale
Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.


The next morning, I do my morning greeting of the Great Spirit, & then head over to the Orient to get a picture of China Doll. I need one to put on the stock of my rifle, to commemorate killing “Death.” When I get to the Orient, I meet with Miss Kate (formerly Jack Carter’s fiancé), since she’s now apparently the owner of the business. She tells me that she bought it from Ketchum (this man seems to have his fingers in a lot of businesses around here). I offer to partner up with her, which she demands $800.00 to do. After some talking, I agree, so we head over to a local solicitor to get the contract written up. She retains managerial duties of the business, & I’m a full partner. When we get back to the Orient to search for any pictures of China Doll, I show Miss Kate the $500.00 bounty I have on her, & explain that I’m not going to collect on it… yet. So she’d better not give me any reason to do so.

I’m able to find a picture of China Doll & take it over to the gunsmith’s (Zimmerman) to get it lacquered onto my rifle’s stock. He tells me that it’s going to take a couple of days to do it. So I stay there to make sure he doesn’t mess with anything else on the gun. While I’m there on the front porch, Pinkerton shows up & goes in to talk to Zimmerman about something. He interrupts his work on my rifle! While they’re talking, I notice that the automaton Zimmerman has there has stopped working & is starting to glow red… strange. Is that normal?

I go inside to ask why Pinkerton is interrupting the work on my rifle, but before I can say anything, Pinkerton asks me if I notice anything about the automaton? I point out how it’s glowing red, then I ask the gunsmith if I have to pay him more to get him back to working on my rifle?

Suddenly Pinkerton spits on the automaton (I’m thinking he doesn’t like them very much, but why did he help bring them here if he did?). As soon as his spit hits it, it explodes! Killing Zimmerman & knocking us over. I’d hate to see what Pinkerton pisses!

We head over to the Longbranch to look into the automaton Crooked Man has there. I’m able to get my rifle from the wreckage that is left of Zimmerman’s shop. At least he managed to lacquer the picture before he got blowed up. As we’re going to the bar, I notice that my ears are ringing from the explosion. We get to the Longbranch & get Chalky to go with us out back (where he has it stacking crates). Pinkerton goes right up to it & has Chalky tell it to walk off some distance with him. I have Chalky & the freeman he has working there step back with me to a safer distance. After a couple of minutes I see Pinkerton dodge away from it just before it explodes! Did he spit on it too?

This is when I decide to leave Pinkerton to blowing up the white man’s machines & head into Lower Dodge to go talk to Dancing Bear. To see if he knows anything about a curse that Pinkerton might have on him). I find him at the Mustang & talk to him about Pinkerton. He tells me that sometimes a person can bring this on himself by attracting Coyote’s attention. He’ll cause your equipment to fail when you most need it; your bow will break in a fight, your horse will go lame when you need to ride, etc… He tells me that we can do a medicine dance to appease Coyote, but we should do it under the moon. I tell him to get it ready for tonight & I’ll go get Pinkerton ready for it. I leave to go up to the Marshall’s office to find Pinkerton, since I think that’s where he’ll be around ‘bout there.

I find Pinkerton outside the Baptist church watching the Crazy Old Man yelling at a bunch of white people there. I sneak up on Pinkerton & tell him “I have a cure for your curse.” I explain to him about Coyote’s curse & the medicine dance. He seems willing to do it.

At the end of the Crazy Old Man’s yelling spree, Boca runs off up the street with a big old grin on his face (I haven’t seen him smile much since his house got crushed by the Free Crow). I follow Pinkerton up to the Crazy Old Man (he makes me nervous) & watch the two pale faces talk for a bit (I don’t understand about what). Suddenly the Old Man hits Pinkerton in the forehead! I pull my guns on him & tell him to back off! The Crazy Old Man then talks to me about changing my ways. I don’t know what it is about these pale faces… No! Wait, I do! They want me to give up fighting them so they can just get on with their taking whatever they want. I leave Pinkerton at the Grand Central to go tell my friends the Atkinses at the Lafayette ranch about the automatons blowing up.

Galihvi Wesa's 22nd Twisted Tale
The Pain is Sometimes Preferable to the Treatment

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I take Crooked Man & Dancing Bear to go look for China Doll’s trail. We leave Pinkerton, Walter, & the Crazy Old Man behind to examine the Catholic Priest for a “mark of the devil.” Crooked Man asks me for China Doll’s scalp & he does some kind of white man’s magic on it & tells me that he’s able to “see” her & that she’s just killed one of his whores back at the Grand Central in Dodge.

We race back to town & when we get there I have Coyote smell her scalp to get his help finding her tracks. At first he seems to have found them, only too many. He seems to get confused, so we head over to the Grand Central.

While we’re heading over there, we hear someone call our names, it’s Pinkerton. We go over to him & explain what we’re doing. He comes with us to the Grand Central & up to the girl’s room. We find her dead. Crooked Man asks us to search out the rest of the hotel for any sign of China Doll. I notice that he has a strange look on his face when he asks this…

We go out looking for her, I hear Crooked Man lock the door behind us. I have to wonder what kind of white man’s magic he’s up to… I try looking for tracks outside & am unable to find any. Ashwin finds some tracks, so we follow them. They look to be heading into Lower Dodge. Walter & the Crazy Old Man find us & tell us that Father Angelo isn’t going to survive the night. It seems too bad. He seems to have been a very confused man.

We get to a plain looking warehouse with a china man standing out front. Walter goes over & talks to him in their language ( I guess he hasn’t forgotten that yet). The china man Walter looks suspicious & knocks on the door he’s standing in front of & gets joined by another bald china man. I pull my rifle & guard Walter. But then Walter goes inside by himself (I’m not too sure what he’s doing, I didn’t understand what he said). So I keep my gun pointed at the two china men out front. While I’m doing this Crooked Man uses China Doll’s scalp again & tries his magic on it. He is unable to “see” anything. So then he pulls out a coin that Walter gave him & does his magic on it. He tells us that he can see that all of the customers here are white & laying at tables & couches, passed out from smoking opium. Walter finally finds China Doll sitting at a table. It’s at this point that Crooked Man decides to share with us that China Doll’s been collecting impregnated women’s uteruses for some kind of magic.

Pinkerton, Crooked Man, & I open fire on the two guards out front. Pinkerton kills the bald china man, Crooked Man misses with his knife, so I shoot him. Pinkerton then tries to kick in the front door & fails, so Ashwin does it for him. It’s when this is happening that I break out with boils all over my face & neck. We go on in & find where Walter is entangled with China Doll, we open fire on her.

The Crazy Old Man does some kind of magic on China Doll & this seems to heal her, but it also makes her vulnerable to an attack, which Pinkerton makes. I also open fire, but do little harm.

She’s summoned a couple of spirits to defend her & she also does another spirit attack, announcing that she’s “Death.” We’re able to knock her down, but not out. Crooked Man drags her outside by her hair, so we follow. I tell him to bring her to the Mustang & I ride off to get Dancing Bear.

I find Dancing Bear at the center of town & he heals me. I explain to him what’s been happening. I ask him for his help in destroying China Doll. While I’m talking with him, I see the rest of the Irregulars leading a horse with China Doll draped over it going by us. I guess they changed the plan, so I follow them. They lead me to Arness’s place.

Crooked Man scares off the doctor. Then they lie her down next to Father Angelo. As soon as they do, he starts to pass away faster & she seems to be getting better. The Crazy Old Man then does another of his healings (I wonder if he baptized her too). So I shoot her head off & everyone else attacks her too.

I collect China Doll’s scalp from Crooked man & take Dancing Bear back to the Long Branch to rest. When I awake, I take China Doll’s scalp to my rifle. It seems fitting that I use it to do Death’s duty. I will call it Ayohuhisdi Adatawetodi (Death’s Kiss). We’ve finally managed to kill China Doll.


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