Adventure Deck

This 54 card deck adds a dash of player plot control and rules bending to the game. Players will be awarded these cards for participation in this site, and may keep them across many sessions. Some cards help establish long-running subplots, such as Enemy or Love Interest, while others grant you one-time bonuses, or even grant a permanent Edge.

The use of these Adventure Deck cards will not follow standard rules, so use external references lightly.

Earning Adventure Deck cards

Earning an adventure deck card is easy. Basically, participate on this site in a meaningful way between game sessions. Here are some examples:

  • Create an Adventure Log entry detailing the events of the last session from your character’s point of view.
  • Create an Adventure Log entry for a personal thoughts journal from your character’s point of view. An example might be thoughts about days past, lost loves, etc.
  • Create your initial character background and description.


  • This is completely optional. It’s intended as a minor reward for extra effort and good RP.
  • The posts need not be public posts. Player secrets visible to the GM and player are acceptable if something is intended to be “Eyes Only”.
  • I’m not expecting each player to write a novel. I’m looking for a few paragraphs each session reflecting on the game session.
  • Only one Adventure Deck card can be earned per session.
  • I’m looking for player feedback, understanding what information was conveyed to the players, and collecting future plot ideas. Therefore participation helps the player in more ways than just earning a card.

Using Adventure Deck cards

At the start of each session, any players who have earned an Adventure Deck card may draw 2 cards from the Adventure Deck. The player selects one, and discards the other. Like the Action Deck, the Adventure Deck will be reshuffled (with played and discarded cards being added back into the deck) any time a Joker is drawn. Any cards in player control during a reshuffle remain where they are.

Adventure cards are used in 2 primary ways:

  1. Use the normal text effect written on the card.
  2. Substitute the card value (i.e. A of Diamonds) for a card dealt to you for any reason. This can be used for initiative, Poker pocket cards, etc.

Example Card

Seein double

Adventure Deck

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