This game will use a version of the Deadlands Classic intiative.

At the start of combat. All players use half of their Reflexes trait die to determine their speed. The Marshall will use the leader’s Reflexes trait. Based on the results, one card is dealt to each player (and NPC pool) until everyone is dealt the number of cards equal to half of their trait. Each non-incapacitated character gets at least 1 card. The cards are secret until the values get called out.

The Marshall then calls out the card values, starting at Ace, then King, and so on until he reaches Deuce. In the event of tied cards, the highest alphabetical suit goes first, i.e. Spades first.


Player A reflexes d8, initiative of 4.
Player B rolls d12, initiative of 6.
Player C rolls d4, initiative of 2.
Marshall rolls d10, rolling a 5.

Cards are dealt to Marshall’s left, one to each player until each player has reached their initiative.

Player A Player B Player C NPC Pool
1 C C C C
2 C C C C
3 C C C
4 C C C
5 C C
6 C


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