Welcome to the Apocalypse

Five score years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. Now that nation lies in ruin, torn asunder by the politicians back East. Yet while the powers of North and South have ceased active warfare, there is a battle brewing in the heartlands of North America. This is not a battle of nationalism versus republicanism for a young nation, but a battle between the spiritual forces for fate of all of humanity. At the crossroads of America lies the crossroads of heaven and hell. Should the world survive, historians will remember the battlefield as Dodge City.

Current Situation

It’s 1876. The former United States of America is now six independent nations: the United States, Confederate States, Sioux Nation, Coyote Confederation, Republic of Deseret, and Commonwealth of California. Though technically at peace, all six know that the wars could start again soon. The discovery of Ghostrock, a mysterious ore which burns hotter and longer than any other fuel—powering technological advances and weapons for the growing cold war.

Lesser known, and even lesser acknowledged is the growing presence of supernatural abilities being exhibited by men of faith, native shamans, and many more.

Dodge Ciy

Dodge City, Kansas lies in the disputed territories claimed by the USA and the CSA. While the eastern powers are technically at peace for the moment, both sponsor partisan groups to “encourage Kansas to choose the right nation.” Even the nearby Coyote Confederation has an interest in the ownership of Kansas territory. Since Dodge City serves as the crossroads to the West, and therefor a vital route for Ghost Rock, the peace town of Dodge is the battleground which could decide the fate of nations.

Deadlands: Dodge City

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