Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 21st Twisted Tale

When you know who you are; when your mission is clear and you burn with the inner fire of unbreakable will; no cold can touch your heart; no deluge can dampen your purpose. You know that you are alive.

Sopers mill baptism meads

I took Dancing Bear to the Mustang & did some healing on him. Afterwards I called for Dr. Arness to look into helping him. He came down & tells me that he won’t be helping ever with any Indians again, since all of the sick were Indians.

Crooked Man comes in & invites me to a chamber of commerce meeting tonight. He tells me that they’re going to offer me a seat in the group. So I go up there at 7:30 & I spot the Atkinses (Friends Marcus & Meredith). They’re sitting with the Lafayette family. Dr. Arness is there too (pointedly avoiding me). So I light a cigar while looking around the place. I notice that all of the palefaces are whispering about me being there & not in shackles. After a while, the meeting starts & the owners of the Dodge House ask why I’m there? Since a good portion of the town witnessed me killing the judge.

Crooked Man supports me after Pinkerton presents the forged warrants he made. Then John Fisher steps forward to ask about when his people will be allowed to work again. After this, the meeting gets confusing… Pinkerton presents Crooked Man to be the new head of the Chamber of Commerce. I understand this, so I say I “second it” (like they told me to do). John Muller presents Ketchum for the same seat, so I “second” that too. The next thing I understand is that Pinkerton is being presented too, so I “second” him too. Ketchum wins the vote (I think).

Next they vote to include Lower Dodge businesses into the chamber. This allows me to be a member of the white man’s government. I loan a couple of Mexicans (that own a local corral) $50. Then the palefaces start talking about making Pinkerton or Walter the town Marshal. So I “second” both of their presentations (since that’s something I understand about their government). They elect Pinkerton as the new Marshal.

After this is done, a man steps forward & says something about Walter being a witch because people saw him cast hellfire at Dill Blake. Then he asks for anyone who witnessed this. I tell them that I “witnessed” what Walter did & it wasn’t hellfire. So Pinkerton arrests Walter for his crime.

The next morning I move Dancing Bear & myself back to my farm to heal up with Holliday’s help. John is spending his nights out doing something & sleeping during the days. During this time Friend Meredith stops by to visit with Holliday & me. She tells me that the Circle A Ranch hasn’t been the same since the daughter eloped with some northern man. I also get to talking to Dancing Bear & find out that he’d followed Ski’-rik to see what he was doing.

Ski’-rik took all of the Indians (sick & healthy) into the Coyote Confederation lands. On the way, he met up with a yellow woman who took all of the sick people from him. After she left, he went on into the confederation territories. Dancing Bear tried to follow the woman, but lost her trail.

As soon as I hear this, I ride into town to tell Pinkerton. He sends a call out to get the other irregulars. I send Coyote to get Crooked Man. As I’m opening the front door to let him out, I hear some kind of noise coming from the river. We head over there to see what is making the noise.

We discover the Crazy Old Man & Walter are chasing the Baptists from the river. I also see the Baptist preacher clinging to a rock, so I go out & save him. While I’m saving him, I see the Catholic Priest standing on the other shore watching from cover. I point him out to Pinkerton & the Crazy Old Man accuses him of “withcraft!” Now Pinkerton has to test him for “witchery.”


ZombiePlacebo RobertSchulkey

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