Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 22nd Twisted Tale

The Pain is Sometimes Preferable to the Treatment

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I take Crooked Man & Dancing Bear to go look for China Doll’s trail. We leave Pinkerton, Walter, & the Crazy Old Man behind to examine the Catholic Priest for a “mark of the devil.” Crooked Man asks me for China Doll’s scalp & he does some kind of white man’s magic on it & tells me that he’s able to “see” her & that she’s just killed one of his whores back at the Grand Central in Dodge.

We race back to town & when we get there I have Coyote smell her scalp to get his help finding her tracks. At first he seems to have found them, only too many. He seems to get confused, so we head over to the Grand Central.

While we’re heading over there, we hear someone call our names, it’s Pinkerton. We go over to him & explain what we’re doing. He comes with us to the Grand Central & up to the girl’s room. We find her dead. Crooked Man asks us to search out the rest of the hotel for any sign of China Doll. I notice that he has a strange look on his face when he asks this…

We go out looking for her, I hear Crooked Man lock the door behind us. I have to wonder what kind of white man’s magic he’s up to… I try looking for tracks outside & am unable to find any. Ashwin finds some tracks, so we follow them. They look to be heading into Lower Dodge. Walter & the Crazy Old Man find us & tell us that Father Angelo isn’t going to survive the night. It seems too bad. He seems to have been a very confused man.

We get to a plain looking warehouse with a china man standing out front. Walter goes over & talks to him in their language ( I guess he hasn’t forgotten that yet). The china man Walter looks suspicious & knocks on the door he’s standing in front of & gets joined by another bald china man. I pull my rifle & guard Walter. But then Walter goes inside by himself (I’m not too sure what he’s doing, I didn’t understand what he said). So I keep my gun pointed at the two china men out front. While I’m doing this Crooked Man uses China Doll’s scalp again & tries his magic on it. He is unable to “see” anything. So then he pulls out a coin that Walter gave him & does his magic on it. He tells us that he can see that all of the customers here are white & laying at tables & couches, passed out from smoking opium. Walter finally finds China Doll sitting at a table. It’s at this point that Crooked Man decides to share with us that China Doll’s been collecting impregnated women’s uteruses for some kind of magic.

Pinkerton, Crooked Man, & I open fire on the two guards out front. Pinkerton kills the bald china man, Crooked Man misses with his knife, so I shoot him. Pinkerton then tries to kick in the front door & fails, so Ashwin does it for him. It’s when this is happening that I break out with boils all over my face & neck. We go on in & find where Walter is entangled with China Doll, we open fire on her.

The Crazy Old Man does some kind of magic on China Doll & this seems to heal her, but it also makes her vulnerable to an attack, which Pinkerton makes. I also open fire, but do little harm.

She’s summoned a couple of spirits to defend her & she also does another spirit attack, announcing that she’s “Death.” We’re able to knock her down, but not out. Crooked Man drags her outside by her hair, so we follow. I tell him to bring her to the Mustang & I ride off to get Dancing Bear.

I find Dancing Bear at the center of town & he heals me. I explain to him what’s been happening. I ask him for his help in destroying China Doll. While I’m talking with him, I see the rest of the Irregulars leading a horse with China Doll draped over it going by us. I guess they changed the plan, so I follow them. They lead me to Arness’s place.

Crooked Man scares off the doctor. Then they lie her down next to Father Angelo. As soon as they do, he starts to pass away faster & she seems to be getting better. The Crazy Old Man then does another of his healings (I wonder if he baptized her too). So I shoot her head off & everyone else attacks her too.

I collect China Doll’s scalp from Crooked man & take Dancing Bear back to the Long Branch to rest. When I awake, I take China Doll’s scalp to my rifle. It seems fitting that I use it to do Death’s duty. I will call it Ayohuhisdi Adatawetodi (Death’s Kiss). We’ve finally managed to kill China Doll.


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