Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 23rd Twisted Tale

Seek wisdom, not knowledge. Knowledge is of the past, Wisdom is of the future.


The next morning, I do my morning greeting of the Great Spirit, & then head over to the Orient to get a picture of China Doll. I need one to put on the stock of my rifle, to commemorate killing “Death.” When I get to the Orient, I meet with Miss Kate (formerly Jack Carter’s fiancé), since she’s now apparently the owner of the business. She tells me that she bought it from Ketchum (this man seems to have his fingers in a lot of businesses around here). I offer to partner up with her, which she demands $800.00 to do. After some talking, I agree, so we head over to a local solicitor to get the contract written up. She retains managerial duties of the business, & I’m a full partner. When we get back to the Orient to search for any pictures of China Doll, I show Miss Kate the $500.00 bounty I have on her, & explain that I’m not going to collect on it… yet. So she’d better not give me any reason to do so.

I’m able to find a picture of China Doll & take it over to the gunsmith’s (Zimmerman) to get it lacquered onto my rifle’s stock. He tells me that it’s going to take a couple of days to do it. So I stay there to make sure he doesn’t mess with anything else on the gun. While I’m there on the front porch, Pinkerton shows up & goes in to talk to Zimmerman about something. He interrupts his work on my rifle! While they’re talking, I notice that the automaton Zimmerman has there has stopped working & is starting to glow red… strange. Is that normal?

I go inside to ask why Pinkerton is interrupting the work on my rifle, but before I can say anything, Pinkerton asks me if I notice anything about the automaton? I point out how it’s glowing red, then I ask the gunsmith if I have to pay him more to get him back to working on my rifle?

Suddenly Pinkerton spits on the automaton (I’m thinking he doesn’t like them very much, but why did he help bring them here if he did?). As soon as his spit hits it, it explodes! Killing Zimmerman & knocking us over. I’d hate to see what Pinkerton pisses!

We head over to the Longbranch to look into the automaton Crooked Man has there. I’m able to get my rifle from the wreckage that is left of Zimmerman’s shop. At least he managed to lacquer the picture before he got blowed up. As we’re going to the bar, I notice that my ears are ringing from the explosion. We get to the Longbranch & get Chalky to go with us out back (where he has it stacking crates). Pinkerton goes right up to it & has Chalky tell it to walk off some distance with him. I have Chalky & the freeman he has working there step back with me to a safer distance. After a couple of minutes I see Pinkerton dodge away from it just before it explodes! Did he spit on it too?

This is when I decide to leave Pinkerton to blowing up the white man’s machines & head into Lower Dodge to go talk to Dancing Bear. To see if he knows anything about a curse that Pinkerton might have on him). I find him at the Mustang & talk to him about Pinkerton. He tells me that sometimes a person can bring this on himself by attracting Coyote’s attention. He’ll cause your equipment to fail when you most need it; your bow will break in a fight, your horse will go lame when you need to ride, etc… He tells me that we can do a medicine dance to appease Coyote, but we should do it under the moon. I tell him to get it ready for tonight & I’ll go get Pinkerton ready for it. I leave to go up to the Marshall’s office to find Pinkerton, since I think that’s where he’ll be around ‘bout there.

I find Pinkerton outside the Baptist church watching the Crazy Old Man yelling at a bunch of white people there. I sneak up on Pinkerton & tell him “I have a cure for your curse.” I explain to him about Coyote’s curse & the medicine dance. He seems willing to do it.

At the end of the Crazy Old Man’s yelling spree, Boca runs off up the street with a big old grin on his face (I haven’t seen him smile much since his house got crushed by the Free Crow). I follow Pinkerton up to the Crazy Old Man (he makes me nervous) & watch the two pale faces talk for a bit (I don’t understand about what). Suddenly the Old Man hits Pinkerton in the forehead! I pull my guns on him & tell him to back off! The Crazy Old Man then talks to me about changing my ways. I don’t know what it is about these pale faces… No! Wait, I do! They want me to give up fighting them so they can just get on with their taking whatever they want. I leave Pinkerton at the Grand Central to go tell my friends the Atkinses at the Lafayette ranch about the automatons blowing up.


ZombiePlacebo RobertSchulkey

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