Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 24th Twisted Tale

Frankenstein monster1

When I get to the Lafayette Ranch, I find Amber Lynn Lafayette out riding on a fine horse. I accidentally scare her when I ask for the “friends.” She understands who I’m asking for & calls for Marcus. He appears from a nearby barn. I explain to him the reasons for my visit, he takes off running across the field towards a far off barn. I ride up to him & swing him up onto my horse, so that he can get there faster.

We get to the barn, we find Meredith with an automaton milking cows. Marcus gets her away from the contraption & then gets it to move off into an empty field. He then tells me that he’ll have to explain all of this to Mr. Lafayette, & they’ll have to send a runner into town to check out the story.

I end up accompanying Marcus into Dodge. After we get there, I head over to the Marshall’s office & discover a bandito running out of it to a nearby horse looking for something. I also see Boca & Walter fighting each other inside the office. So I lasso the bandito, since I figure he’s ganging up on one of the two inside (possibly Boca), & tell him to stay put. When I look back inside, I see Walter knock Boca down & then I see another bandito (man these guys are everywhere!) try to shoot Walter, so I step inside & scare him off (since I also figure that this is a fist fight). After they do some knocking round for a bit & finally settle down. I leave for the telegraph office. Marcus tells me that he’s going over to Ketchum’s to ask about the automatons there.

At the telegraph office, I send a message back east, north & south letting them know that I’m looking to hire musicians & dancehall girls for the Mustang.

On my way back from there, I find Pinkerton leading a second horse with Holliday tied up & draped over it. They tell me that he’s been doing “unnatural things” out at my ranch, so I ride & get Dancing Bear & hurry out to my place to do a cleansing ceremony there. There I find a pile of ashes out back of my house & buried in the ashes is some kind of book…

I’m able to pull the book out of the ashes (without touching it) & slip it into a sack & take it back into town, to the Crooked Man, as fast as I can (because I don’t want this near me or my place any longer than I have to). I find him at the Marshall’s Office with Pinkerton. I toss him the sack & explain where & how I found it.

Crooked Man does some of his magic on the book & tells us that it’s a “manual” ( I think I know a Manual & his brother, they own a corral in Lower Dodge), on building a “patchwork man.” He also mentions something about Pinkerton “missing some time.” Whatever that means…

I follow them into the office & watch them talk to the Preacher they’ve got locked up there. I don’t understand what they talk about (it’s very confusing), but eventually they let the Preacher out of his cell & then the Crooked Man locks himself in the cell! Huh? Did I miss something? Is this somekind of law they have? Exchanging people imprisoned?


ZombiePlacebo RobertSchulkey

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