Deadlands: Dodge City

Galihvi Wesa's 25th Twisted Tale

When you climb into the saddle, you'd better be prepared to ride.


I leave the Marshall’s to go find a local solicitor to look into how burning the deeds to all of the properties in Dodge would affect the town. He tells me (after taking $20.00) that the only people who’d benefit would be a wealthy person (or organization) trying to take over the area, like a railroad company. He says that this could be a means of confusing the local population, or just causing more conflict?

I also ask him about the state of Lower Dodge & the properties there? He tells me that all of the land there is technically owned by the bank & that it hasn’t even been subdivided (whatever that means) yet.

I then go about town looking for the woman reporter. I get a lot of blank stares & not much help. They seem to be unwilling to help me (probably because I’m suspected of killing whites). Finally a Freeman tells me that he’s seen her at the Dodge House. I find that she’s also been asking about the Crazy Old Man’s preaching about his apocalypse. When I get to the Dodge House, I find her walking back & forth before a second story window. I settle into a good hiding spot across the street, I’ll wait for her to go to sleep so I’ll sneak in & have a talk with her about what she’s doing here. It starts to rain while I’m waiting, really hard.

After some time passes, I hear Boca walking around calling for me. So I sneak up on him & ask him why? He tells me that the Irregulars are wanting to talk to Dancing Bear. They have some questions about the Wendigo & how to stop it. He tells me that this Ketchum’s place is serving “Long Pork” to people & is slowly turning the population into Wendigo.. So we go & meet up with Pinkerton & I ride out to my place to get Dancing Bear.

After I get him, we race back to town because I’m thinking something bad is coming our way very soon. We get back to the Marshall’s office & I find all of the Irregulars are gathered there.

They all talk together for a while & I have difficulty following it. But they seem to split up the different tasks. I get asked to locate the source of Ketchum’s meat.

When I get outside in the rain, I get attacked by zombies! There’s a lot of confusion & darkness spreads out covering a lot of the area. I can see that there’s hundreds of people shambling around here. I kill a couple of zombies & climb up onto a rooftop. At the far end of town, six pinkertons ride onto the main street & start shooting zombies all around them. Suddenly the Crazy Old Man does some kind of holy prayer & kills all of the zombies & saves the day!


ZombiePlacebo RobertSchulkey

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