Deadlands: Dodge City

Wang Peng, Epilogue

We finally did it. We destroyed Oblivion, and then the Horseman War. I regret not remembering the night prior to the defeat of War, but as a team we were victorious. Looking around Jack’s ranch, I can’t help but feel a little less lonely.

We celebrate at the Long Branch, and much booze is consumed. The next day, with a hangover and a sense of accomplishment, we vote for the future of Dodge City. The vote results come, and the decision is without out a doubt to remain neutral.

The rest of the week is routine. I break up some fights, throw some people in jail for a few days, look for a someone’s lost child. The kid was out hunting; I find the kid riding back to town several dead animals in tow. He had a stern talking-to, but was otherwise a source of pride for his family.

On my return to the Long Branch on Friday, a Chinese man bars my path on the road, in front of the Long Branch. He is tall (much taller than me), tattoos covering every part of his body, a large sword sheathed at his side.
“I am here to collect on your bounty, and clear our honor!” he says. With an inward grimace I prepare myself for a great battle as he rushes toward me, sword drawn. I dodge, parry, strike vital points, but he is much more powerful. I don’t know how much longer I can outlast him.

So I decide to gamble. I trip him, throw him on his back, and tumble away. As I land on my feat, I fire both rounds from my scattergun. They aren’t effective, but as I throw the gun down and prepare for the final assault, I know that the real purpose was served: to signal Boca and his Banditos to come to my aid.

“you are a coward, and you will die a coward!” he shouts as he jumps nimbly to his feet, once more rushing toward me. But this time I’m ready: I draw from deep within myself and throw blinding bolts of energy at him. He stumbles, but keeps coming. And just as he closes the distance, raising his sword, a hail of bullets erupts from the Long Branch. 9 pairs of pistols and Boca’s Shotgun belch fire and lead into his body. As he struggles to breath, I grasp his sword and bring it down into his heart with one swift stroke.

I turn to Boca, “Thanks, that was right on time.”
Disbelievingly, Boca says “that was it, some guy with a sword?”
“well, yeah. But he was their best, so I am confident no more will come for me.”
“Than that calls for a drink! Woo!” We enter the Long Branch together and celebrate our good fortune.

The rest of the week goes much as any other week, but I begin to see more strange looks being sent my way, no doubt because of my supernatural powers. I decide it’s time to leave, so I turn in my badge, say farewell to my friends, and set out west with a horse and plenty of supplies.

I don’t know where my journey will end, but I’ve heard some good things about the Oregon Territories, so maybe I’ll go that way. Or not. I simply feel it’s time to wander again.


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